: Dealer Fuel Injection and Carbon Treatment

12-14-04, 10:17 PM
I have an 02 STS and just had it serviced with 32,000 miles. The dealer recommended having the fuel injection cleaned and the cylinders de-carboned for $149.99 The car currently runs perfect, so I declined, at least for now. Any feedback on whether this service is worthwhile? Thanks.

12-14-04, 10:25 PM
It is very worthwhile.....at putting your money into the dealers service department....LOL Injector cleaning is not recommended nor required. Forget it. If you are hearing any noise on cold starts (the cold carbon rap) then the carbon buildup in the cylinder heads might justify the decarb....but....an easier, more effective, less expensive and much more fun procedure is a daily dose of WOT to clear things out. Flog it...it likes it. Good for exercising the rings and keeping the carbon out.

You were wise to decline. No harm in them asking but it is totally unnecessary.

12-15-04, 08:01 AM
Yeah, it IS more likely to be a sales tool for the dealer but depending on what fuel he's used over the years, and how it's been driven, it IS quite possible to have a decent amount of carbon build-up. A dose of Top Engine Cleaner "could" help, and certainly wouldn't hurt anything. What the engine probably COULD use is to have the throttle body and IAC de-carboned though.