: Installing aftermarket radio-harness needed?

09-30-12, 09:36 PM
I have a 93 Seville with Bose stereo. Head unit is CD player and controls, every speaker has its own amp and the brains of the system are next to the antenna in the trunk.

I have read over and over in numbers of posts about a metra harness for installing aftermarket CD deck in place of Bose.
I understand why it would be needed if the plan was to try and use a aftermarket head unit with stock Bose speakers because of there amps and the difference in ohms.

What i don't understand is why one is needed if there is a new head unit and speakers being installed.

Why not just connect the head unit using the stock head unit harness?
Its what i did, everything works perfect. Aftermarket deck turns on and off just like the stock one did. Holds memory and even stays on for a couple minutes until door is opened.