: "Tire Learning Active" + Door Locks

09-29-12, 06:23 PM
On Thursday I tracked my '09 CTS-V; no issues/problems, aside from a "Service Stabilitrac" message in the DIC. Afterward, went back to my tire store where my track tires & rims were swapped for my regular street tires (Continental Extreme D/W on stock rims). No issues Friday. Saturday (today) at a complete stop, 1/4 mile into a 600-mile road trip, the car horn beeps 3 times and the message in the DIC reads "Tire learning active". Then the auto self-locking doors keep locking despite already being locked. The locking attempts occurred about every 15-30 seconds, sometimes in clusters.

After about an hour and with fewer redundant locking attemps, I stopped and got out, leaving electronic key inside. Doors auto locked behind me so Onstar had to get me in. 3 hours later all seems okay; no redundant locking, no DIC messages.

OnStar wasn't able to offer an explanation, and since it's Saturday, I can't call my service advisor.

I'm thinking (not confirmed) that maybe the tire guys inadvertently swapped a R tire for a L, causing the car to go into the "Tire learning active mode", but what does the door locking system have to do with it?

09-29-12, 10:57 PM
Maybe the remote battery for the locking issue? Do you know why you got the Service Stablitrak message? The pressures "should" show up immediately, even if they are for the wrong locations. The mating procedure only shows the correct position, not whether they are working or not.