: Does your steering wheel make creaking sound when you pull it up or down?

09-28-12, 08:38 PM
so got the car back today and the noise is gone but i noticed couple of things that i did not see before. e.g. if i pull the steering wheel up or down i hear a creaking sound 1 click up and 3 clicks down the steering doesn't really move that much it just makes the noise.

Oh and it just started giving me the Service Tire Monitoring system error :( back to the dealer it goes tomorrow

09-28-12, 08:46 PM
My steering wheel is silent, both tilting and telescoping.

09-28-12, 08:53 PM
yeah it does not make noise when moving using the knob i am talking about if you push it up and down with the car off.

09-28-12, 09:23 PM
Um, don't do that?

Cadillac Cust Svc
10-02-12, 01:21 PM
How did everything go over the weekend with your dealership, mrkool? Let us know if we can check into anything for you!

Sarah (Assisting Katie)
Cadillac Customer Service

10-02-12, 01:55 PM
My steering wheel is snug, doesn't move at all.. No play...