: Parting out 1991 Eldorado

the recluse
09-28-12, 03:01 PM
Parting out 1991 Eldorado. Body is straight....roof and A-pillar however is a different story.

Interior is shot, roof leaked all into it when we had numerous storms roll through.

Engine had been worked over 15k to 18k ago. REPLACED: head gaskets (and all top end gaskets that go with that job), ISC motor, injectors (19# MSD's), water pump, starter, belt, motor mounts, EGR, MAP sensor, ECM, oil pump, distributor, and a lot of small things I can't remember...

WORK DONE: Helicoiled block (last injectors went bad, flooded cylinder, blew head gasket and pulled threads), ported, polished (exhaust), and gasket matched heads (stage1), valve job, polished TB, added TB spacer, and a lot of small things I can't remember.

Here's the car:

Here's the motor at the time of work:

Motor is still in the car, I run it every now and then to keep it from sitting. Aside from road dirt and some squirrels nests, it'll polish right back up. I'd hate to throw it away with all the work done to it...

Make offers if you need parts...

10-03-12, 03:39 PM
wow this is awesome, I don't need anything right now but just spreading the love - I would put this on PartingOut.com cause buyers can list the parts. so you slap the pictures up and then if say I wanted to door henge but you didn't list it--- I could list it myself. Now you dont get "do you have more pics, what about thiss...." and other quetsions over and over but just straight forward offers. Its cool I have used it to part out a few single parts not a whole car and it works awesome. good luck either way