: Buying a New CTS-V Sedan

09-26-12, 07:39 PM
So it is painfully clear to me now that no dealer in America purchases the CTS-V Sedan on spec in Silver with a manual transmission. Black, all black. Now I am confronted with ordering the car which puts me is a sticky situation with regards to negotiations.

What advice can I grab from you guys on ordering and price negotiations? My first thought is to wait until December 31st and walk into a dealer. Does that even matter for a car that is ordered? Believe it or not Costco sells the V at a pretty good discount. I think the 2012 I had configured at Costco came in at $61k. This is as good of a price as you can expect according to Consumer Reports.

What have you guys found? Should I simply run to Costco and forgo the stress of dealing with sales professionals?

09-26-12, 08:50 PM
My Consumer Reports new car reviews shows about $2175 in dealer holdbacks on a 2013 CTS-V with options that has a MSRP of $70,000, so they recommend starting to negotiate around $64,000 for a final target price of $65,000 or a saving of $5000 off the retail price.

09-26-12, 09:05 PM
The 2012 model year cars are not listed in my newest magazine.

09-26-12, 09:21 PM
I just ordered my 2013 wagon. $5000 off msrp.

09-26-12, 09:27 PM
I think 61K is a pretty good deal. Even if you get a totally base V, that's 64k and change MSRP. Will you be getting any options? If so, it's an even better deal.

I was able to get a good bit off my 2011 last year but it was black on black with a manual and had every option except wood grain. They had more room to move on price since it was in stock and had been sitting for 4-5 months in their showroom.

09-26-12, 11:15 PM
Lindsay cadillac that is listed as a supported vendor here has some great deals my buddy just picked up a 2012 silver with auto every option without recaros for 59k

09-27-12, 08:26 AM
incentives, incentives, incentives,

I believe I had a $6100 CCR through ally when I traded in.

09-27-12, 08:38 AM
Tell everyone what you got on trade too.

09-27-12, 08:46 AM
Tell everyone what you got on trade too.
exactly what the new car cost :hide:

09-27-12, 12:21 PM
Quick search on Autotrader shows a couple manual silver CTS-Vs, like one that's certified with 8k miles for $55k, and I'm sure that can be talked down a bit. 8k miles is nothing, that's still basically brand new.

09-27-12, 08:34 PM
Thank you to everyone for the comments. My thought was that a car like this, even a new used example might have the possibility of having been abused. I know plenty of gentlemen who run the crap out of a car that they are about to get rid of. Not saying all cars are like this, but just knowing what the car has been through from the start gives me piece of mind. It seems that decent used cars run around $50-55k, so the few buck more to have a new car is worth it.

As far as options are concerned, from what I’ve read the Recaro’s are uncomfortable and have a potential of rocking. “Rockin Recaro’s?” Is that the sentiment from a few or the majority? I do not plan on running this car around a track, so most likely the regular seats would be great. My wife has a sun roof in her car that gets opened about 5 times a year. This is has no value to me either. The base model with perhaps the wood grain inserts is about all I need. Base plus wood.

So the dilemma is how to buy. Casually with the Costco Auto Program for a stress free experience? -or-Hammer out a deal with the local Chevrolet sales manager on New Year’s Eve?
I’m leaning toward Costco. As configured above (base plus wood) 2013 MSRP $66,010. Costco $61,868 Would a dealer even consider doing better without a big fight?

09-27-12, 08:58 PM
As far as options are concerned, from what I’ve read the Recaro’s are uncomfortable and have a potential of rocking. “Rockin Recaro’s?” Is that the sentiment from a few or the majority?
They're hard. I don't think anyone can disagree about that, as far as comfortability, they're an acquired taste initially. What I will say in their defense is the standard lear seats are very narrow and they're short. I'm 230lb and 6'2" and found them hard to feel comfortable in. At least the Recaro's are both wide and have leg lumbar support. It feels like a full chair. The lear's feel like they belong in an IQ

The bottom line is that there's no nice middle ground. The recaro's are full-blown track seats and the lear seats are (at least for me) way too small.

I’m leaning toward Costco. As configured above (base plus wood) 2013 MSRP $66,010. Costco $61,868 Would a dealer even consider doing better without a big fight?
$4100 off invoice is an excellent deal for doing nothing. If you don't like to haggle, you'll be hard pressed to get significantly better than that.

09-27-12, 10:19 PM
I just clicked the “next” button on the Costco ordering site and a feeling of “If it sounds too good to be true…” crept into my mind. Apparently the low cost shown is the actual invoice cost. Now a dealer will get involved and my guess being the price will be somewhere between. I will keep you posted.

09-27-12, 10:51 PM
Don't feel obligated to pay more than invoice. Supposedly 0% financing will return in October. So you can choose that over the rebate.

09-28-12, 06:59 AM
0% financing will be fantastic. It's 0.9 now and my car is taking forever to arrive.

09-28-12, 01:32 PM
from what I’ve read the Recaro’s are uncomfortable and have a potential of rocking. “Rockin Recaro’s?”

My opinion on the Recaros is that they take a while to adjust. In my case it took probably a good two months or so before I started to find them comfortable. It's not just the 14 way adjustability of the seats themselves either, it's also the position and distance of the steering wheel, so there is a lot of fiddling you have to do to get it just right. This isn't really the fault of the seats though, it's just that with so many ways to adjust everything it takes a while to dial it in.

I did find a really good position eventually, and now I find the Recaros very comfortable and I have what I consider to be an excellent driving position. The rocking, if it exists, can most likely be cured at your dealer. It's not a large enough problem to pass on the Recaros for, IMO, since it can be fixed.

09-29-12, 05:59 PM
I spoke with the car dealer salesman associated with the Cosco program. He confirmed that the Costco price is invoice. Minus any offers. How about that? Kinda worth the $50 membership fee, and I can buy a 5 gallon bucket of peanut butter to boot!

larry arizona
09-30-12, 08:20 PM
Recaros aren't comfortable? With 14 adjustments you are bound to make them fit you like no other seat available. I had back surgery 3 years ago (herniated disc from weight lifting for 20+ yrs) and I am very concerned about seat comfort and support. I looked at the standard seats and Recaros and after 10 min of adjusting, There is NO WAY I would not go with the recaros. By far the best fitting seats I have ever seen. When you throw the heat on they loosen up your muscles on a long trip and in the heat the cooling is stellar. Recaros just take the time and effort to adjust to your body. LOVE THE RECAROS!

larry arizona
09-30-12, 08:22 PM
FTR my recaros are rock solid, don't rock and make zero noise except for the squeak of leather. 240lbs to boot.

09-30-12, 08:48 PM
Don't like the Recaro's, you're in the wrong car; go buy a Buick.


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For my part, Uebele, I'm always available to send over the warranty info and build code info for vehicles you're considering. Please don't hesitate to email me anytime at Katie_Lucille@gmexpert.com and I'm happy to investigate for you!

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