: Cadillac catera 1998

09-26-12, 12:32 PM
I truly like the car. Yes it,s a bitch for parts because they are expensive but there are lots in the bone yards that cost far less ,if you can do the labor yourself.i need help the only problem I cannot seem to fix cheaply is the upper across the trunk Bakelite.does any body know if those liters at Canadian tire could be worked into play my car only has 126000 kilo,s on it .i have put in a newrad .new timing belt .new ignition coil .alternater etc etc etc hopefully nothing else of great expense can mess up.any help on that rear lite thing wouldbe sincerely appreciated thanks j.k.

09-26-12, 08:32 PM

09-26-12, 10:26 PM
Back light? What's wrong with it?

09-27-12, 12:40 AM
if your talking about the third brake light that on the trunk lid, that goes from one side to the other side, than I got a used one on e-bay for under $50.00 and was easy to replace

09-28-12, 09:10 PM
First check the wiring harness that goes from the trunk to the trunk lid where it folds when the trunk closes. Wires often break from the trunk lid closing thousands of times. I have spliced in jumpers for this harness due to many broken wires.