: My good christmas Deed this year

12-14-04, 02:49 PM
Well today the final christmas present was sent on its way , to Iraq ...Theres a young man there a speicaist in the army ...Met the kid over at the pocketbike forum , after i posted in a thread about how and what to send to the troops, he thanked me for supporting them and i decided that he deserved something too.

60 bucks later and 16 bucks shipping , and the forms done the package is on its way . baby wipes , all the latest automotve and motorcycling mags cards and a bunch of other stuff for him and his buds there ...

Follows the tradition around here that our last chirstmas purchase is for those who either cant afford to buy there kids something or now in my case those who cant be home.....Havin been there and done that i know how it is to get a brown box full of things we take for granted here in the land of corner grocery stores ..Baby wipes and antacid seemed to be my big items when i was way far away , heartburn and a grungy face seem to be just a big of enimy as that heat ...

Why do it as the last purchase , after all the hassle and hustle it puts things back into perpective ....

I would have posted here what i was up to but this deal came together so fast and i needed the get the stuff to him in time that i knew getting everyone on board would have taken too long ...

Maybe next year us Cadillac Owners will show how great we are ......

12-14-04, 02:57 PM
By the way here is the post that started all this :

well its getting that time of year where alot and i mean alot of our troops are getting down in the dumps with many of them not having any family ...i know this is way of topic but today ....my 7 yr old came to me today and said to me "daddy is it ok if i give all my gifts this year to "as you say our boys" " and i said what boys? then he said the boys and girls in that bad place you know where mr BUSH sent them to ..where there getting killed at and then i said do you mean IRAQ? he said i think so you know where the army guys are at.....and all i did was "and i m not shitting you i started to cry" and then i said is this what you really want to give all your toys/money to our boys? ie men and women? he looked at me and said daddy dont cry its ok im a big boy and i think i can say i have everything i wanted i got the best dad becouse i got a pb ,mom and sister ever... the people in iraq have no one to say "I LOVE YOU" and to give them things.. and daddy santa cant go there ....there is no snow just sand."thats so mean that santa cant get to them....so we talked for about 45 min. and i put in a vid about 911 and all the stuff going on in iraq ...

anyways how in the hell do i help our troops out????????

all we want to do is send an email to someone in iraq "penpals" so we can write back to eachouther

anyone have someone over there? and or know how i can do this?

thank you
Seattle , Wa

Touching isnt it ?

12-14-04, 03:01 PM
Very thoughtful.

It sounded like you send babywipes to Iraq? I'm not sure I understand?

12-14-04, 03:07 PM
yup baby wipes , weird aint it?

thats what they like the most , like i say its things you dont normally think of that us desert dogs go crazy for

Do we have anyone from cadillac forums over there ? I remeber we had one but he came back if im not mistaken....If we have a guy on here in iraq right now and thats gonna be there for awhile ill gladly send one to him too ...

12-14-04, 04:15 PM
baby wipes kick ass for wings, and when your out getting dusty. Stoney, you are dead on there. One thing I would have sent would be Immodium. Nothing like mudbutt in the heat of battle to drag you down, plus its dangerous to get that out there in the heat.