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09-25-12, 11:47 PM
Ok I'm sure its been talked about before but. All the searching I've done I just came up with bits and pieces. Got a 2002 Seville base with the base cd/tape stereo. I HATE aftermatket and refuse to put in one. I want the touchscreen hose navigation that came factory in the newer devilles with the larger screen. Ive heard that upgrading to hose in itself is time consuming but I'm fine with that. Exactly what do I have to replace, republic, add etc to make this work. I'm an electrician so I'm competent enough to do this but need to know what I'm getting myself into and how much I'm planning on spending. Any writeups etc would be helpful as well. Thanks for helping beat a dead horse ;p

09-27-12, 08:56 AM
You need to replace the HU. The CD changer you may have is NOT compatible with the NAV HU (if your car was build before Feb 2012) so in that case you may have to change that too.
As for replacing the HU is NOT a direct swap, some wires must be relocated in the connector some must be removed. So with that in mind the best thing to do is make an adapter harness where you swap the wires as needed. You can also add an AUX input (audio and video).
This subject was covered many times including by me. Check the "Some navigation questions" thread. Also under my profile in the visitor's messages you can see some pictures with how to add the AUX connections to the NAV HU.
Here found one.... (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-audio-video-security-systems/267439-2004-deville-dts-w-nav-aux.html#post3058682)