: Ting! Noise from drivers side rear

09-24-12, 10:35 PM
Its a short "ting" type of sound that is coming from the drivers rear when taking off from a stop. I am thinking brake release but ? Its reproducable.

Coincidence? I seem to have taken notice of this after I installed 20" wheels but I also took my car in for service and started to hear this afterward. I had the rear diff oil changed.

Anyone have a similar experience?

I also have the eibach drop.

09-24-12, 10:51 PM
:) so let me get this you have non factory 20" wheels, you have after market suspension and you have your car lowered and you are hearing a clicking noise? :)

09-24-12, 11:00 PM
I know I know. But its not a clicking noise. Its a single ting! One single ting :)

09-24-12, 11:18 PM
I have the same issue and took it in to the dealership. I heard the same noise anytime I loaded up the drivetrain at all. For example, from forward to reverse and start to move backward = ting! Put it back in drive and start to drive ahead - ting! Mine started with a single ting, then slowly became more frequent. Sometimes now when I leave from a stop, I hear ting ting ting (kind of a hollow, thunking type of ting).

They referenced the following TSB: #09-04-95-001D and ordered a couple "clips" for the axles. In their description they wrote "Related to clicking noise heard from rear of vehicles under hard aceleration (9090)."

Personally, I don't think that's it. Mine does it anytime I load up the drivetrain; regardless of light or hard acceleration. I tend to think it is something in the diff itself, or perhaps a u-joint.

The parts are in and I have to book it back in.

(edit - stock suspension)

09-24-12, 11:24 PM
if i were you i would just take the wheel off and put it back on and make sure the lug nuts are nice and tight.

09-24-12, 11:29 PM
if i were you i would just take the wheel off and put it back on and make sure the lug nuts are nice and tight.

You know, now that you mention it...this spring I had new rubber put on and even though I asked the guys to hand torque the lugs to 140, I never actually checked it myself. It never started making this noise until this summer. I might have missed the forest 'for the trees....will give that a go tomorrow...I have a sneaking suspicion you might have solved it! Tks.

09-25-12, 02:40 PM
I know the "tinging" noise your describing it seems to be coming more from the rear door area as thou some metal clips lets go. I've heard it but never pinned down what it was.