: Please Help with Instructions to Replace radiator

STS 310
12-14-04, 12:26 PM
Hey guys
I attempted a search on this but grew impatient quickly. Anyway, I have noticed a leak on the top passenger side of my radiator. I am not going to go the repair route, as I dont want to splurge on any part of the N* cooling system.

I will be purchasing a new radiator and what I need is simple step by step instructions by someone who knows or has replaced a radiator themselves.

Also, what else is needed such as new hoses, thermostat, etc.

Thanks in advance.

12-15-04, 12:01 AM
I had the same problem with the rad on my 95 SLS. The passenger side tank blew out right under the top hose. I priced a new rad at almost $300, the tank itself was only $100 installed on the rad. The procedure is real simple. I I think the 96 is the same as mine. Remove the torque strut mounts (6 bolts), remove the air bag sensor (4 bolts) remove the fan bolts (4), remove the the top hose, remove the 3 bolts securing the fan mounting. Remove the 2 trans hoses, remove the bottom hose, remove the 2 bolts from the condensor/ rad bracket (one on each side), remove the connections to both fans and push the rad forward and slide the fans out the drivers side (be careful you don't damage the rad. Slide the rad upwards and out. Should take you less than 30 minutes to change and don't forget to add the coolant supplement to the bottom hose on installation.

STS 310
12-15-04, 01:24 PM
Ok. Well I have had a change of heart. Took car to a rad place around the corner. Guy pointed out that the tank was in fact leaking in the same place as Pjs said. Very small leak. Guy told me 180 for a repair with 1 year warranty, and 300 for brand new with life time warranty. He says that when he pulls the rad he will call me so he can show me the problem and let me know if the rad is worth fixing.

I like the sound of this situation. I hate to mess with stuff as I suck as a DIYer. I used to pull the rad out of my 81 Eldo 368, that was a snap. But this sounds too involved (see I told you I wasnt a DIYer).

I think I will let the shop take care of this for me as labor is $80. That is worth my time and keeping my high blood pressure from getting to high.

But, I will copy these instructions, and if I ever find myself in this position again, well, I will probably let someone else handle it again!!!! LOL!!!!

Thanks Pjs, I was curious as to the involvement.

Pjs, you think I should just repair if the rest of rad is in good condition, or drop in a new one. One thing to remember is Christmas is next week and I am not wealthy LOL.

12-15-04, 08:40 PM
From what I can gather, the passenger side tanks have a tendency to fail in that area because thats where the most heat is introduced into the radiator. I went over the right side tank with a fine tooth comb and couldn't see any reason to replace it. If yours looks good and isn't leaking, just have him put on a new inlet tank in and let it fly. Make sure the guy knows that he should use distilled water when refilling with a 50/50 or anti-freeze mix and that the bars leak supplement needs to go into the bottom hose. You can get the pellets at the dealer, or most Walmart's carry the "Gold Seal" tubes for like $1.50 ea. You will need 2 tubes.

STS 310
12-16-04, 11:28 AM
Yea, got the dex,distilled, and bars golden already (see, I was really going to do this myself). When I take the car to him I will take the fore mentioned as well.