: LED's killed my blinkers

09-23-12, 09:11 AM
I just finished updating a bit of the lighting on the car. I installed LED turn signals and of course got the hyper flash(have not pulled the drl module yet to cut the bulb out tracer). So while driving yesterday, i would lightly use it in traffic to at least signal, and it would hyper. Half way home yesterday, i have no blinkers. Hazards dont work either. I think it blew a fuse, about to check. Will LED's do this? Is it because i had it hyper flashing still? Is there anything i can do to keep this from happening again, or do i need to cary around spare fuses galore?

** So I replaced the fuse and it killed it again. As soon as I tested the hazards(to avoid hyper), it popped the fuse. Is it the bulbs throwing it off?

09-24-12, 02:07 AM
Yeah I'd say your bulbs are causing it.. I've had my LEDs in for months now w them hypering and no problems/blown fuses.

09-24-12, 06:15 AM
Why don't you guys spend the $5 for a set of 6ohm, 50W load resistors?

09-24-12, 08:20 AM
Why don't you guys spend the $5 for a set of 6ohm, 50W load resistors?


09-24-12, 01:13 PM
Another +1 on the resistors. Also, get rid of the DRLs if you haven't already. Those things don't need to be on all the time.

09-24-12, 02:25 PM
I actually like my drls. Especially when you have clear lenses and white LEDs. I'd prefer to have those on then nothing.

09-24-12, 04:44 PM
Yes load resistors sold my issue with LED's in the flashers

10-23-12, 08:30 PM
you can also get a solid state flasher.