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Hey, I am new to the forums. My name is Justin. I am a student at ASU for biochemistry. I am about to purchase my second vehicle. My first vehicle was a 1989 jeep cherokee which I had for 5 years. It had 150,000 miles when I got it for an incredible deal of $1000. I love it but it has been a headache :banghead: so far this semester. I have been attempting to get to a class located at a downtown campus and random issues have caused me to miss class and even work. I am really interested in buying a used 2004-2005 cadillac cts. I have been browsing craigslist for the local phoenix, arizona deals and found some that fit my budget. I have a $7000 budget. I can easily work on cars but would like some recommendations on purchases. Mileage, Condition, Salvage none salvage, year models, what upgrades should I look for etc..

Thanks in advance

09-23-12, 07:59 AM
Hi Justin,

Good to see another ASU fellow! I graduated from ASU, but I was in Tempe campus.
Anyway, with $7,000 you should be able to buy a good and reliable car for yourself, but if you want to restrict yourself to Cadillac CTS, you will end up buying a high-mileage CTS that has been beaten up, and I really don't suggest that.

Also 3.6L GM engines on early year models, have timing chain issues. You can find a lot of information about this specific problem in "cadillac-cts-first-generation-forum-2003" section of the forums:


09-23-12, 07:59 AM
:welcome: and good luck on your search for a CTS.

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:welcome: Justin! Happy hunting! :)

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I actually am at tempe campus but because I registered late I got stuck with a biology class at the downtown campus. Cool to see someone from ASU. I understand this, I have found vehicles at my budget 90k to 150k. A lot of people are selling below the KBP but anyways I really am not interested in any other car. Idk what it is with the boxy look but it seems to be my fav I can handle a car with around 100k miles, obviously I need to find a car in good condition to make this worth it.

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Welcome aboard.