: Enterprise at Ed Morse Cadillac in Tampa

09-20-12, 08:19 AM
Yesterday I was at Ed Morse Cadillac having some work done on my 2006 STS. The Enterprise office yesterday received 5 brand new ATS's for loaner/rental cars. They still had the plastic on the seats. I wish my car required some long term warranty work yesterday so I could take one out.

09-20-12, 11:24 AM
So this is why we have not seen many at the dealers?:)

09-21-12, 12:03 PM
You can always just rent one for kicks. :D

09-26-12, 12:32 PM
see my thread, enterprise at my dealer said "cts, srx, or ats" so i chose the ats since ive driven the others. its nice so far. just size wsize its too small for my taste