: Escalade crossing the Atlantic to me - But with these problems...

John P
09-19-12, 01:53 PM
Hi guys,

Iv got an Escalade finally that I bought from an exporter in the states. He was open and honest and the problems it has are as follows;

Speedo not working - Not sure if its just the speedo or the whole dial cluster.

Rear 3rd brake light not working- Just doesnt work.

What im asking from you chaps is..Are these common problems and what it the cost to fix or are they replace only?

Any help appreciated! :bouncy:

09-19-12, 04:25 PM
Congrats on the purchase!

The speedo issue could be with the stepper motors on the cluster. Fairly common issue, someone with some soldering experience can replace them. As for the third brake light I would start by looking at the pig tail connections on the back hatch to make sre they aren't shot or wires being broken. And you can try to jump them from a 12v power source to see if the LED's are burnt out or not. Drop a reply once you have it and I am sure the community can help out.

John P
09-19-12, 04:55 PM
Thanks for the reply and a point in the right direction, i'll wait til it arrives and then see whats what! Cheers!

the cadillac man
09-19-12, 05:01 PM
Don't forget to check the fuses as the third brake light has a separate fuse.

John P
09-19-12, 07:01 PM
Cheers Cadillac Man, good help!

09-21-12, 12:00 PM
Typically, if the wiring and fuse are ok...something in the third will work. When the lamp is not working at all...it raises little red flags to us.

On Escalades, it's kind of common to have lower brake lights...and no third lamp working.

The third lamp is on a different fused circuit then the lowers. The third lamp shares the same fuse as the trailer hitch. So it's kind of easy to blow the fuse if you ever pull a trailer.

Also..the dashboard changed in 2003. So depending on the model year, figuring out which fuse to check can be confusing.

On 2002's...check fuse #16 in the underhood junction fuse block.

On 2003 and latter, check the 'VEH CHMSL' fuse in the drivers side dashboard fuse block.

If the fuses are ok. Verify you have 12v B+ ....AND....ground at the lamp connector. Many shops incorrectly use a test lamp connected to the hinge when testing for voltage at the lamp connector.

If you have 12v + AND ground at the connector. The problem is inside the lamp.