: Trunk lid water leak fixed.

09-19-12, 11:56 AM
So my STS was having an issue where water would somehow leak into the lid (not the inside of the trunk) this is a semi common issue with most people trying brake light housing replacements.
Well I sealed up the back of the brake light and was still having issues leaking water in. (used some rubber butyl glue left over from headlight retrofitting). So then I was looking at the reverse light housings. The "seal" for lack of a better term is made of a cheap thin foam that is clearly not water tight. So I removed the housing and applied a 2 sided foam tape (like what holds on badges) around the edge of the foam and put them back on. (you cannot tell this has been done when looking at the car.) It's been a couple of months now and no more water issues with several car washes and rain. I assume this is likely where most people have water leaking in.

09-19-12, 07:28 PM
Nice find