: Timing Chain replacement on 05 Escalade

09-19-12, 08:05 AM
Hi Everyone

Just got an 05’ Cadillac Escalade with 140k miles on it. Would like to do some tune up… so I have removed AC belt, drive belt, throttle body, drained coolant, changed 5 out 8 plugs… the rest of 3 plugs are hard to change and will take care them later.

Now I will go ahead to replace water pump, and want to change timing chain. According to the service manual, oil pump needs to be removed first, which is extensive work. Anyone has idea on easier way to replace the timing chain?

09-19-12, 12:24 PM
No easier way the oil pump has to be removed, its not that bad, i had low oil pressure before and i found a bad o-ring on the oil pump pickup tube, i figured while in there do the oil pump and the chain since i am over 200k

09-19-12, 03:00 PM
Thanks wesyder. I just removed the water pump, and will move oil filter, oil pan, and oil pump.