: Transmission band adjustment???

09-18-12, 07:18 PM
Guys do i need to do band adjustment on transmission. Fluid was already replaced year ago and never fix my late shifting from 1st to 2nd gear on cold engine and now for like a two months already i have dropping shifting kind a hard. So i thought 12 old transmission and band adjustment was never done. Do u think its gonna help?????
According to this video its not that hard to do.

09-20-12, 01:37 PM
I had the same problem, and I to replace the fluid, it got better but not good, than I found out than when you drop the tran-pan you only replace about half the fluid, the rest is in the tran, so I replace the fluid 3 times with syth-fluid and now no problems,

hopes this helps

11-24-12, 09:11 AM
Going to replace oil and filter.
can anybody tell me what oil i have to use, i called dealer and they told me, dextron 3 was originality in that transmission, but it's hard to find dextron 3 and dealer recommended me to use synthetic dextron 6 as a replacement of old dextron 3. Dealer have 1 gallon for $35 but i need more then that, maybe Castrol can be replacement, but witch one?????? Walmart have different kind of Castrol transmission oils.

11-24-12, 12:18 PM
what I did was replace with reg. tran fluid the first 2 times than the last time I use synthetic fluid, how many times you change it, use synthetic on the last one. remember that if you change it only once, your replace only half the fluid, the other half is in the reserve pan and tran.

11-24-12, 01:54 PM
so what oil should i buy??????
Dex/Merc (blue bottle);
Dex/Merc - Max Life (red bottle).

ATF Domestic Multi-Vehicles (black bottle);
For import vehicles (black bottle);
High millage (green bottle)

ATF Dextron III (yellow bottle)
also i will do band adjustment! to see if its helps

11-24-12, 07:46 PM
I used the Walmart brand "Super Tech".
With the label:
Automatic Transmission Fluid
"For use in vehicles previously serviceable by DEXRON III and MERCON BRANDS"

If you get a filter kit at autozone or pep boys, look in the box before you leave the store and make sure the included gaskets are the different sizes for both pans. (Mine had two main pan gaskets) You need to remove both pans to change the fluid.
Don't know if you did this yourself before, but you are supposed to have the car level and running when you fill it. Pep boys sells a fluid pump for about 10 bucks, you'll find it very hard to fill the tranny at the drain plug without something like this. It's kind of a jumbo sized hand soap pump with a long hose, works perfectly.
I only had two jack stands so I just jacked up the front. Obviously the car isn't level that way, but it came out pretty close. I was able to get about 6.5 quarts into it after driving it 5 miles then topping it off again.
Remember to have the car running when you fill it or the level will be too low.
Sorry for the detail if you've done this before, just trying to help.

11-25-12, 12:22 PM

If it doesn't say it on the front of the bottle, read the backside.

12-02-12, 06:36 PM
I used the Walmart brand "Super Tech" High millage. bought 5 quarts.
"For use in vehicles previously serviceable by DEXRON III and MERCON BRANDS"
i drove on rims to lift front, as soon as i open drain plug in main pan oil started to pouring out, and i drained for like 3 min utill it stopped, then to get the rest of the oil i removed pan and small pan. total i drained about 5.2 quarts of oil
To put all back together i
1. raise the back of the vehicle to level whole car
2. put small pan back, together with new oil (about half of quarter)
3. replaced oil filter and oil pan
4. attached hand pump house to the drain plug hole and pump 4.5 quarter in to the pan.
as soon as i start to removing house from drain plug, oil started to pouring out, so i had to react quick and close with my finger, grab drain plug bolt, remove my finger and quickly screw the bolt.

Now im concerning if to much oil was there in the beginning, cuz i drained 5.2 and put 4.9 in it, and it still was pouring out
if i will open drain plug bolt while the car running, oil will pouring out, because it did with old oil when i attempted to check level before i started to do all this procedure with changing oil today
is in it supposed to to be leveled to the drain plug (not pouring out like that) while its running


12-03-12, 12:27 AM
Remember the tran holds 7 quarts, you didnt replace all of the oil, what I did was put the car between the street and my drive way and put a leveler on top of the car, it may not be perfect, but good enough, there was enough room for me to get under the car in the ditch, to remove the pan, I drop the pan, clean it and the magnet, then put it back on, I bought a hose that screw onto quart size oil bottles,( autozone $5.99) I had someone standing and hold the bottle upside down, while I put the other end in the drain plug, I fill it to the plug, than cap it, then I started the car, moved the stick shift up and down the the gears a number of times then turn the car off, I then check the level again and added a alittle more, if it started to leak out, i let it, until it stop, like I said before, I did this 3 times, on weekends, first time Reg tran oil and change filter, second time just tran oil, then third time with synthetic transmission oil, now I have no shifting problem cold or hot engine, what it cost me?

7 quarts of reg tran oil = $10.00
1 gasket and filter kit = $15.00
2 more gaskets = $6.00
4 quarts synthetic tran oil = $40.00

about $70.00 and my tranee runs smooth, I think it was a good investment


OH forgot, don't check level with it unplug and the car running, the pressure inside the transmission will push the oil out the plug, the right way to make sure you have the right amount, is fill to plug, put the screw in the plug, starts the car, move the stick from drive to 3th, going thru all the gears, then back, do this about 4 times, than turn off the car, remove the screw to the drain plug, and add or let it leak out, remember keep the car leveled and dont move it.