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09-18-12, 05:53 PM
Painting my 1968 472 before I stick it back in. Bought the paint today and wanted to share the code info I found. I'm not a paint guy so feel free to correct me on terminology issues and I'll update this post for future reference.

What I'm using
Found many references to Ditzler 14946 in 1975 1976 color books and web forums. This a correct code for Cadillac Dark Blue 1968-1976 472/500 engines, but my paint mixer didn't have it in his PPG books.

Paint mixer called DuPont and they crossed Dizler 14946 to DuPont BS454 (as in "BS it's a 454. That's a Cadillac 472." :D). He made me a quart of Centari in BS454. These guys felt strongly that this was the best stuff you could put on an engine. My machine shop owner showed me some race and marine engines he'd painted with acrylic enamel. The color is so deep and shiny like you can't get from a spray can, but also he showed me how well it had stuck to some engines he had cleaned a few times and I was sold. Plus, he knows how to paint and could spin it on the stand while I would be painting it hanging from the hoist.

$58/qt for the Centari.

97575 97576
(above pic taken in warehouse lighting, sorry)

Other paints
I decided against these other options:

VHT SP-140 Cadillac Blue spray can - used it before to repaint an engine in the car. It held up well except in the valleys of the intake, around the choke well, and on all the exhaust ports. I expect the Centuri to fade and or come off around the exhaust ports because of the way they stick out of the heads with no coolant around them. I liked this paint, but it's no longer listed at the VHT site so they may not be making it any more.

Bill Hirsch V-1070 Caddy Blue - I have a 15-20 year old unopened can of this that I found in a pile of parts when I bought the car. Still in a shipping box. Bill Hirsch says their paint is the ultimate engine paint, used by whatever-out-of-ten concours restorers. I couldn't trust a 15 year old can of paint even if it did sound just fine when I shook it.

POR 15 Engine enamel CADDY BLUE 1949-1975 - couldn't find enough people who said they loved it. Didn't want to brush the engine. Don't trust myself to spray POR-15.

KBS Motor Coater Cadillac Dark Blue - same opinion as the POR 15.

Spruce Cadillac Blue engine enamel 980053 spray can - not familiar with it and couldn't find enough good opinions of it to suit me. Looks like a decent-enough rattle can but someone would have to tell me about a real-life experience to sell me.

Will post a nice pic before I put it back in the car.