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12-13-04, 02:28 PM
Just was checking out a $1200 1992 eldorado as a third car so we could sell my fiance's zx2 and the salesman comes out after waiting 35 mins to charge the Batt that I can't test drive the car and that it will not move until I give him the $1200 for the car! I was shocked, what kinda pot smokin whako does it take to make you wait 35mins to here it run and then tell you that you would have to buy it w/ no test drive? To paraphrase I pretty much said good luck with that and left. Aparantly they must just hate selling cars or making money.

12-13-04, 02:40 PM
Salesman's probably a real great guy. My $$$ bets on the fact that in the back office somewhere there's a brass-plated 1st class @$S hole"" manager "".
(I use the word loosely).....manager, that is.....

move along....

12-13-04, 02:43 PM
yeah probably, but I had to vent

12-13-04, 02:49 PM
That's crazy! I'd be curious to know if it ever sells.

12-13-04, 02:53 PM
Here's the real answer, now. The aforemented ""manager"" eyeballed you thru the window and pre-judged you as a 24 Y.O. "kid" wanting to take a joy ride in his Eldo. So...... he decieded to give you the "Bread Test" or, in other words, put up or shut up.

He mis-judged you. His actions are all wrong, but, sadly they are an outgrowth of years and years of conditioning......other young guys coming in to drive some sexy car who had zero credit, zero money and just go around test driving cars that they' love to own, but are as close to buying as I am to my dream car a Jag XJ V-8 R. It's very dangerious to pre-qualify and I'd never ever do it. When I sold Chevys for a very short time, a kid walks in like 20 years old, and wants to take a 'Vette for a ride. I knew if I told my boss I was going out with a 20 YO on a 'Vette Demo that I'd get screamed at and risk worse! Luckily, the boss had the flu, and was sick as heck at home, so I stuck a plate on an in stock Vette, and we went out together, with me thinking... "He's putting one over on me" - We talk. He works at a garden center, loading trucks. He's looking at a Vette, I'm thinking, Man what a jerk I am be be out on the road in THIS car with him.

30 minutes later he paid cash for the Vette. His family owned 6 Garden centers in NJ and his Mom had hit the Lottery (state) for $300,000.
Maybe 1 in a million ~ but it's always bad to pre-qualify, as you found out.
Spend your money elsewhere.

12-13-04, 02:57 PM
the really sad part was I drove there in my 94 etc wich is in better shape than the 92 the creepy part was they look almost identical.

12-13-04, 04:39 PM
My guess would be that there is something majorly wrong with the car, and if you took a test drive, you wouldn't buy it. If you put the money up first, and find out about the issue, the car dealer won't give back your cash, and you are stuck. When I was younger, something similar happened to me. I was in the market for a 4x4. I spotted a nice Ford Bronce, lifted, with 35" tires. It looked a bit rough, but the price wasn't too bad. I asked to take it out, and was told nobody test drives a 4x4 on the lot. I said thank you, and left. A buddy of mine, bought the truck, without driving it. It seems, that the previous owner, installed new rear gears, but not fronts. My buddy put it in 4 wheel drive, and destroyed the new rear gears. I never buy a car, new or used, without driving it first, nor should anyone else.


12-13-04, 04:45 PM
I agree and I wasn't about to

White Whale
12-13-04, 05:20 PM
What, you'se guys don't trust 'dose nice fellas? :histeric:
I just heard poll results this morning that used cars dealers are the LEAST trusted of anybody on the planet.
Go figure....

12-13-04, 05:35 PM
That is true, and can you, just for a millisecond imagine what it's like working in that business and have high ethics, and being very honest and sincere and against the tide of snakes in that business and trying to honestly & humbly deal with the public ? If you can imagine that, and I'll grant you - it's hard to imagine what life was like as a good guy, then you'll answer the question I got all the time ....... "Why'd 'ya get out of the car business??"

12-15-04, 02:05 AM
Ya'know, Sandy, there's a good book in you waiting to be written. Could be a guide to us all. I know I trust my doctor to tell me straight when I see him, but I give my car "service manager" the fish-eye when I listen to the breakdown on what's wrong. Hurts like hell to hear that the thermostat's gone bad (three times in a row), and later find out the spark was so retarded it was nearly "advanced", causing overheating. Simple - but true. Undoubtedly, you have many great anecdotes to bear out your observations -maybe you could title it along the lines of how to be a legendary used car salesman, or something like that. Oh, or maybe a legendary used car BUYER!
Whaddya think?? C'mon, you just got your new "58" wings!!

12-15-04, 10:11 AM
No, I'd rather just help people on a personal level. When you do a book, it's for profit (there's that dirty word, again ;) ) and many people would net even buy it as they's think it was advertising wrapped up in a book-type format.

I do know one heck of alot of slick car salesmen, actually I know the "Best" in the business. I worked for a while in 1975 at a Ford store and we'd constantly walk the line of legal / Illeagle business doings. Things that YOU could NEVER even think of .... we did ! Then I lost pleasure in ripping people off so badly it was UNreal. Beginning in 1976 I went with a small, family owned dealership, and treated each & every buyer as though they were my Mom. I stayed there until 1986 - 10 years, 26,000 hours until I retired.

Some of the "tricks" we pulled off at the Ford store make for very funny reading (telling) - but overall, they serve as nothing more than to give car salesman a bad name, or to continue the bad name they have. Yet, I have been blessed to know many...and I mean MANY car salesmen who are honest, hard working, underpaid people. This number, I do believe, is far greater than the snakes (of which I was one in 1975-76). But, like any occupation, you hear about the bad apples, not the good.

Did I ever tell you about the time we

12-15-04, 11:21 AM
caddijeff , thats why i talk price and condition of the car before i even open the hood .....

Salesmen hate me , the last deal i did was for my grandparents , car was stickerd for 16k (focus wagon 10k miles) ....By the time they handed me a paper that said "YOU WIN" we spent 8 hours , i walked away 7 times and was in my car (driving off the lot) when they walked up with the "YOU WIN" paper.....

There thinking was to high pressure me into allowing my grandpartents to buy it , they knew they wouldnt buy without my approval. Wasnt till 5 hours into it the salepeople found out i was on the phone with 2 people working the actual value of the car based on an average from kelly blue book , nada (what banks use) and what similar cars were being sold for on autotrader ....Ther salemsmen also didnt realize i found out what THEY paid for that car when it was traded in , 8200 bucks , told them making 1300 profit was good enough for them. I said that was a fair deal .

Got the under for under 10k , got 500 bucks for a Bonneville that was worth maybe 200 bucks...And a manager wanting me to work for him.....He said hed never seen a customer turn the tables on a salesman

12-15-04, 01:41 PM
$ 1,300.00 profit was a decent profit. What was their problem?
We had something that we'd do in your case, which woulda gotten you "UP" in price ~ but would NOT do it if the deal (yet to be deal) was showing a $1300 profit. Not necessary. No, I am not telling what we did.....

12-15-04, 02:45 PM
yah i thought 1300 was pretty generous .....thats what i told them ...seemed fair as that was below blue book and nada and they could still give our salesman his commisiion so he could feed his family ....

not sure what there problem was , other than it being a toyota dealer . They kept telling me "but its on sale at $16,000 which is a grand less than what youd normally pay" told them the damned things dont sell for that new ...I damn near cut there price in half (a bit over 9k)....cant imagine they expected to turn a 50% profit on a econobox

been my experence that toyta dealers and mitsu dealers are the worst out there , followed closely by a couple ford dealers round here .....

For some reason Chevrolet dealers and ED Morse Cadillac have always treated me well , esp Chevrolet ...then again im there 2 times a month (they get C4 Vettes pretty often )..I guess they know ill buy one if they get the right one at the right time ....AKA a 93 white coupe, black leather interior ,6 speed , base engine , under 70k miles

Me thinks sandy got them a really nice finance rate when they were too demanding.....