: Some new pics of the fleet!

12-13-04, 07:45 AM
After being washed one day took some pics...just missin the stang...


Last pic you can see the new radio....I took pics of the new alpines but cant find it uploaded....o well.......the dash speakers were a pain to install...basically dremeled 5 square inches around on each side.

12-13-04, 08:31 AM
Your Caddy looks very nice!
Look at the picture of the radio. Now look to the left at the switch for the window lock-out. Now, look below that. See that big rectangle black square plastic piece with nothing there, like a blank plug? THAT is the only thing about the 89-93 C-body that bugs me! THAT is the spot where they put the control for the optional Heated Windshield on/off control, a control no bigger in size than 2 teeth ! An option that sold UNDER 10% each year from 1989-1993. Why devote such a large area, (2" x 3") for a switch 1/4 x 1/8 inch for an option that was ordered on 9% of all cars? THAT switch could have been moved up into the window lock out switch area with tons of room left over, and something USEFULL could fill that lower area.

12-13-04, 09:07 AM
Sharp cars! Never knew they put a roadster top on BMW's! ;)

12-13-04, 08:00 PM
Pretty cool! I like your weather

I agree with you Sandy

12-13-04, 08:08 PM

12-13-04, 08:33 PM
Thanks for the props....expessially coming from sandy..haha...

well the BMW was won in 2001.........we extended the warrenty 2 yrs (money pit if not) but in about a year moms looking to get the 2005 Boxster certified used or the new Boxster GTS coupe.....either or.....

Caddy....well she is lookin pretty nice outside...but that damn headliner is another issue...haha...saggin BIG TIME.....but hell, I cant complain for a 12 yr old car.....

O, you guys arent missing anything on the stang...nothin special..just your garden variety V6 97'

I cant get enough of that Vogue tire picture...i love that....but Sandy one question....was the Olds 88 or 98 a C body??? Because I always wondered why my grandfathers Olds would say Hi in the morning but the caddy does nothing.

12-13-04, 09:29 PM
Buick Electra/Park Avenue & Olds 98 were "C" bodies as well as the FWD deVilles & Fleetwoods & 60 Specials. What do you mean, when you say the 98 says "HI" in the morning??? It talks ??

12-13-04, 10:40 PM
YEP!!....I always wondered why the olds talked and had the Calander digitally on the dash and the caddy didnt do any of that....I guess at the time Olds was the "techy" division??

12-13-04, 10:51 PM
pics wouldn't load for me but I'll pretend I saw them. ;)

12-13-04, 11:09 PM
....I guess at the time Olds was the "techy" division??

EXACTLY !! :yup:

12-14-04, 02:18 AM
Nice cars. Although Id personally have to disagree about a 3 series being a money pit. They are actually very reliable and robust vehicles, as opposed to say, the 7 Series.

Im curious though, what you mean the 3 series was "won" in 2001?

Caddy looks great!

12-14-04, 06:01 PM
Meant that if anything does go wrong with the BMW it can get pretty expensive.....we havent had a problem with it yet except for the POS BOSCH electronics...

"won"....as in free...(gotta thank Clear Channel) .(except for taxes of course) I think in all we paid around $7500 for it....damn government wont let you be happy if you win something...gotta pay up....

12-14-04, 08:04 PM
The Caddy looks nice, but what's the white spot on the top in those pics.

12-14-04, 08:51 PM
The Caddy looks nice, but what's the white spot on the top in those pics.

White spot???

12-14-04, 09:12 PM
This one

12-14-04, 10:35 PM
Thats a metal seam holder... keeps it together, and protected from freying.. plus adds an accent to it.

12-14-04, 11:35 PM
I see. So is that a one of them newfangled cloth tops? It looked like a hole to my untrained eye.

12-14-04, 11:50 PM
I see. So is that a one of them newfangled cloth tops? It looked like a hole to my untrained eye.

It's ornamental.

12-15-04, 12:26 AM
I know but is it cloth?

12-15-04, 09:14 AM

12-15-04, 11:05 AM
Nice car, Msilva.