: 2004 Seville SLS w/ Bose. Just bought some 12s, need to know how to hook them up and

09-14-12, 01:05 AM
Okay, I bought two Pioneer - 12" Dual-Voice-Coil 2-Ohm Subs, SKU: 5700917. I go them brand new for less than 90 dollars shipped to my door.

I hadn't planned on putting a system in my caddy, as I didn't want to mess with a Bose car, or a Cadillacs electrical system at all really. I have way more experience installing other peoples stereos than building one. This deal seemed too good to pass up. I can build the box myself, and I'm leaning towards sealed.

Running power and ground will be no issue at all with the cars battery location, and the remote won't be too bad. The main issue is the loc I'll need, and what kind of control I'll have. I've neveR used a loc, or stock head unit in a system. I understand how they work, bet don't know which to get, or where to hook it up. Would I just disconnect my stock sub? It seems like most loc's have hook ups cof left and right channels and the stock sub seems to be on its way out anyways.

How would I controlled my subs? Will they really perform? I know from my research that replacing the stock hu is a pain in the ass in these cars, and not a task I'm willing to attempt at the moment with my budget.

Is this loc good?

what do I need to look for n an amp?

Thanks in advanced.

PS, I want to apologize for the grammer in this post I'm using my tablet and the auto correct and PBR is a horrible combination.