: Seville -79 turn signal in fender ?

09-13-12, 01:15 PM

Does anyone know, how I could have those turn signal indicators working again??

i mean those strange tiny "lamps" at the top front corner of fenders. it looks like there is no normal light bulb at all, but some "light-wire" system??

any information would be most appreciated.

Arto from Finland.

09-15-12, 12:18 AM
The indicators are only reflectors called "fiber optics" First clean the lens on the fender with a toothbrush or something similar. If it still wont display, Remove the Turn signal lens assembly and make sure the optic cable is plugged into it. Its simply a plastic cable that's clear on the inside, black on the outside that transfers light from the bulb to the lens on the fender. A very simple system as long as the optic cable is not kinked or broken/ disconnected. There should be 2 more plugged in behind each headlight on both sides to reflect low beam as a white reflection and blue as a high beam reflection.