View Full Version : Vossen VVS-082 Rims For Sale!!! $1200 OBO

09-11-12, 10:15 PM
Hi CTS family,

I am sad to say that I am putting my Vossen VVS-082 up for sale. I bought these thinking I would be able to do some type of mod to have them fit my 1st gen CTS. They fit but were too wide due to adapters. I didn't like the look so I took them off. They would fit perfect for the 2nd gen CTS. Here are the specs...

Size: 20x9 (front) and 20x10 (rear)
Bolt Pattern: 5x120 = 5x4.75
Tires: 245/30/20 (front) and 275/30/20 (rear)

The tires show wear and would need replacement soon. But this is a great deal because these sell for over $2500 for the wheels alone.

Reply to the thread or PM me if interested972849728597286

09-26-12, 03:48 PM