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09-11-12, 07:58 PM
One of my power windows broke today in the "down" or "open" position.

The motor still works when you press the switch, so I think the regulator is broke, which I understand costs at least $300 to fix.

All I wanted was to put the window back in the "up" or "closed" position.

A mechanic and everything I read online said I would have to take the whole door apart at great effort and/or expense, etc. but I found a solution that was quick and easy.

You need 2 pairs of needle-nose pliers, some of that rubbery shelf lining and 2 people to help you.

Wrap a little bit of shelf liner around the metal blades of the pliers.

Open the door with the broken window.

From inside the car, have 2 people with pliers grab onto the top of the down/open window (now down inside the door) with the covered pliers. I did this by myself, but it seems like it would be a lot easier with 2 helpers.

Pull the window up about an inch so you can grab onto it with your hands.

Wrap a little shelf liner on both sides of the edges of the window as you pull it all the way up/closed. The rubbery material will hold the windows in the up/closed position.

I hope this helps at least one other lost soul.

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09-12-12, 03:34 PM
Its a pretty easy thing to fix, I replaced three window regulators on my old 2003 Deville. The part costs around $60 as long as the motor is still good and taking apart the interior of the door is quite easy just clips and a couple of screws.

09-15-12, 12:25 AM
Post back when you hit a bump and the window falls down and shatters within the door! You are defying gravity and gravity WILL win. As it is now, you can never ever get anymore fast food! or deposit your paycheck at a bank drive up! Its not fixed, its patched!