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09-10-12, 12:21 AM
well went to a farm auction the other day and seen a 70 cad fleetwood convt in the barn and some how i just had to buy it. Either way i loaded up and got it home seen sitting since the early 80's threw a battery in it and it turned over. It wasnt acting quite right (smoke coming from carb) so i pulled the vavle covers and noticed several looking new parts 3 rocks and 4 rocker supports. Noticed a stuck valve and the lifters have no oil in them so not moving other valves much. So what im asking is there a easy way to prime the lifters to get the lash out of the rockers and also is there anyway to get the valve unstuck tried tapping it and spraying it but its stuck all the way open.
On a side note did cad. ever have problems with the cams?
thank you in advance for any help

09-10-12, 12:26 AM
also on top of all that is there any where to buy just a couple rocker supports (one broke trying to push open a stuck valve) and rocker arms with out buying all off them. just dont wanna drop 200 some odd bucks to hear it run and then be wore out or something
thanks again

09-10-12, 09:23 AM
Pull your distributor. Use some heat, Knock 'er Loose, PB Blaster or another cutter (acetone with transmission fluid mix) to get it out without destroying the distributor body. Remove the gear on the distributor shaft. You now have a oil pump primer. Set it back in the hole and spin it with a drill head. This will activate the pump and prime the system. Go to the back of the engine and locate the oil pressure sensor. You can mount a oil pressure gauge at this port to determine if the system is free of obstructions and allows complete system oiling. After your done, remount the drive gear and replace the distributor.

09-10-12, 12:23 PM
well thats about 100% idea then i had! i sure hope i can get this valve unstuck its a pretty nice convertible with beautiful interior and top !
thanks for the help on that part