: I am now a proud Cadillac Owner From Tennessee!!

12-12-04, 12:59 PM
:D I just recenty bought a 1995 Cadillac Sedan Deville from a local car lot. Its Pearl White with Bronze interrior with the gold package. First of all I feel like I got a great deal the outside of the car is in excellent condition paint is very "garage" kept and all the chrome and gold are intact and very clean. The only problem is on the passenger door there is the rubber piece on the door has a little tear in it. As far as the interrior is perfect. Leather and wood is excellent. All the "bells and whistles" are working. It does not come with the Northstar, it came with the 4.9. I only paid 3,500 cash. It has 137,000 miles on it tho. A lil high. But overall I love this car. I am a big Man (6'3" 300lbs) This is the first big car I've owned. I also have a 2004 Mustang GT that has been parked since I got my Lac. The recent upgrades I had a new Alpine head unit replaced the factory 6x9's with some infinity's. Put in 1 rockfordfosgate 4 channel amp for mids and 1 for my 2 12" Bostwick Subs. I have XM also but I am wondering where I can install my Xm Antenna. I have the XM box installed in the trunk. I just gotthe windows tinted with 15% Limo tint and got a viper alarm/remote start installed. I am having a custom console built matching the interrior carpet. This console will be placed under the ashtray and is going to hold a 7" TFT LCD and a PS2. I am also planning to add some 5.7 tft lcds for the headrests. (not the cheap bracket ones, the actual cut and place them in the headrest.) Alfter that I will be complete with my project.

A Few questions about my lac I bet some of ya'll can answer.

1. How the hell you remove the ashtray to clean?
2. Any good cleaner for the woodgrain?
3. I set in my seat with a screwdriver and have a small tear, and suggestions on repairing it?
4. What is good to clean the gold package?
5. Howdo I check the temperature of the engine? (does it have a digital readout?)

I will post some pics when it ever stops raining and I can detail it.

Thanks in advance for all the replies.

12-12-04, 04:45 PM
Welcome aboard!!!!! Thanks for signing up... Ill try and answer some of your concerns...

2. I have had good luck with using windex on it, and paper towels...
3. Probably not a real good way without replacing the leather... Sometimes places can only replace one panel.. Leatherique (www.leatherique.com) makes repair kits. might give it a try..
5. There are paramters on the OBD thing... I dont remember how to do it off hand, i might suggest you do a search..... You might wanna check your codes, press OFF and WARMER with the ignition on (car not running)

12-12-04, 10:06 PM
Explain more about these codes. Are they a link to see what they are, and explain how to set it up?

BTW Thanks.

12-13-04, 09:00 AM

Thanks for joining the forum! Good luck with your 95' it sounds very nice. I have included a link for the on-borad diagnostic system.

Here is the link that explains how to access the OBD 1 system in your 1995:

It also contains the trouble code list.

12-13-04, 11:58 AM
Welcome to the board ! I am new here as well hope to talk to you later.

12-13-04, 03:44 PM
Thanks for the help guy's, This will come in handy.