: Newbie - what to look for when buying a 472

09-09-12, 02:14 PM
What should i look for when getting a used motor?

Are there years or casting numbers that i should stay a way from and if so what are they.

I know these are broad questions but I am wanting to put this in a 91 suburban 4x4 and really looking for the torque benefit of the caddy engine.

thanks for the help

09-12-12, 11:18 AM
Here's a little information that may help http://www.cad500parts.com/catalog/page2.htm

09-12-12, 08:07 PM
For a Suburban, I would go with a 454. It will bolt in, and wiring it up will be a lot easier. You can easily keep it fuel injected, too. Stock trans will bolt up, while the 472 won't.