: "Cajun Justice" now that's a hoot!

09-08-12, 05:25 PM
I vie only watched one "Cajun Justice" show, but I have to say whether it was contrived or not, I was introduced to a whole new world. In during the show I saw we were treated to pig hit by a pickup and killed. The pig damaged the truck, but was also thrown into a nearby homeowners (?) Yard and a violent dispute had ensued as to who got possession of the road kill pig. A deputy (a young woman from New Jersey) was called to try and diffuse what seemed (who knows may folks down there yell and scream all the time) to be escalating unto armed conflict. The wise ol' Jersey girl decided that the pig actually was the property of parish (county) and should be given to the appropriate homeless shelter.

Another call to the Sheriff involved a old guy who was digging trap holes on communal property to try to trap food for his pet alligator, who he had named after his recently departed wife, and kept chained near his back door. The alligator scared the poop out of the responding deputy, who when he returned with an alligator control wrangler was told that the old guy allowed the alligator to roam free for periods of the day (in spite of the neighbors kid being out and about)! Well, eventually the gator was caught and removed to some bayou (I presume where it c old be fattened up for a next year segment of "Swamp People").

But by far the best segment of this particular show was the dispute between two cousins concerning a unfulfilled transaction between a lady with a goat and her cousin who had an air conditioner. It seems the guy with the air conditioner wanted to trade the air conditioner for the goat. But had taken the goat without delivering the air conditioner. This was the reason the deputy was called. However, when the deputy, arrived at the guy's house she found that the reason the guy wanted the goat was to use it as "live' bait for an alligator that was menacing live stock on his property. Upon arrival the the deputy found that the guy had put a life preserver on the small goat, attached the goat to a long rope and had tossed the tethered goat into the pond in hopes that the alligator would attack the goat and the guy, I guess, could kill the the gator. The discussion that took lace between the deputy and gator baiter was barely decipherable but from what I could comprehend the life persevered goat was saved from a gator mauling and returned to its' rightful owner. The cousin who had agreed to trade the air conditioner for the goat said that he was going to deliver the air conditioner to the goat owner as on as the weather cooled down because it was too hot to be without the cooling device right now. At any rate the goat lived to see another day and so did the offending gator.

I don't know who scripted this show but he or she certainly had an imagination far greater than mine!

09-08-12, 09:54 PM
How many more of our brain cells must they try to kill ?

Concept Shows Gone Wild .

09-08-12, 11:15 PM
More proof that Henry Louis Mencken was right, "Nobody ever lost money...."

09-09-12, 12:02 AM
While I can tell that this show (I have never heard of) is scripted...

I can also vouch for weirder things than this happening in Florida. Dunnellon, so far as places I make my regular rounds, is particularly common with Redneckery. In Clermont, when a wild animal needs to be removed, there is this Irish guy that people call to deal with dangerous or venomous animals, such as the alligators, which he loads into one of vehicles and releases them someplace safe for the animal.

Urban myths have been made about the same kilted man, as he is supposedly "That Hearse Guy" from the folksongs too, but I cannot confirm this.

As far as Dunnellon, I know plenty of Good Ol' Boys live up there, some of which I am related to through a series of marriages (My Grandfather lives there with his second wife, who had three children at the time of their marriage) and there are usually some sort of Shenanigans going on up there. It's a town that can't have more than a couple thousand residents (which makes it relentlessly large compared to my hometown, but small for it's region) and probably less than as many teeth, but twice as many cars. Either lifted "mudding" trucks, the occasional customized hotrod, some derelicts and strangely, some of the most pristine classic cars you could imagine.

09-09-12, 02:17 AM
Let's just say the Deep South is a world unto itself.

09-09-12, 02:54 AM
Let's just say the Deep South is a world unto itself.

"Did I just see...a couch...on a front porch?"

"Welcome to Florida, Craig"

09-09-12, 02:17 PM

cadillac kevin
09-09-12, 02:36 PM
"Did I just see...a recliner and a hibachi grill...on a front porch?"

"Welcome to St. Louis, Craig"

09-09-12, 02:43 PM
Couches on the front porch are not confined to the farthest South, but life jacketed goats on a tether used as live gator bait seems to be unique, and I hope a not widely practiced Southern phenomenon!

As far as "road kill" for dinner, this food source has a long history, at least from the period when they started to have roads in rural America. I remember warnings to West Virginians, during the "Mad Cow Disease" scare a few years back, to not each road kill because of the potential hazards.

09-09-12, 03:27 PM


Note to self: visit St. Louis.

09-09-12, 04:14 PM
Hey, if recliners and sofas on the front porch are your thing, don't miss West Virginia! Open air dining on the reputedly the "best" road kill in the land! Navigational hint, you will know you are in West Virginia when all the house you pass have corrugated tin roofs and a Winter's supply of stacked wood in the front yard. No tin roof, you are still in Virginia or Ohio!

09-09-12, 04:53 PM
I'm always up for exploring this wide wonderful world! Makes me appreciate home more. :)

09-09-12, 05:41 PM
Roadkill. Never ate it. I have made a lot. I have even run over two alligators.

I guess one could harvest the carcasses for natural goods.

09-09-12, 05:54 PM
A new pair of boots, mayhap?

09-09-12, 07:49 PM
I heard gator hide is all the rage these days!!

09-10-12, 02:05 AM
A new pair of boots, mayhap?

It IS about that time for me to be making new boots, but no. Not for boots. Everything else though. You can use hides and bones to make Lamps, Furniture or just because they are fun to look at. In hindsight, I can't even count how many animals I used on my Halloween attire last year. Lots of them. Probably weirds visitors out sometimes. Kevin's FB friends liked it though.

My house probably comes off as odd to most people and a strange impressions as they get from the outside, they are confirmed when they see that the inside is a little...off...by most people's standards.

As for alligator hide, Luke, no. Not on my boots. I know a guy with a '72 Chevy with alligator leather interior. Never inspected or inquired, but I suspect it may be faux. I can get a photo next summer, most likely. Such things turn up on Florida Craigslist kind of often, even if your search did not include the word "DONK"