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Driven Lamborghinis and was never particularly impressed with their engines (For what they were, because DUH, they were in fact fast, but that counts for nothing in the previous sentence and you should feel bad if you thought I was implying anything else)

I have actually heard far more Northstar owners praise their engines than Lamborghini owners. In fact, I have heard a lot of negative from one Lambo owner in particular.

09-08-12, 10:44 AM
Gordon Tatum and I were fortunate to be able to drive one of the first shipped 1969 Lamborghini P400 Miuras from J.S. Inskip in NY to Kensington, MD. Scary fast, hot, noisy, tight handling, finicky. One would NOT be my daily driver, nor is it anyone else's. Vehicles in this stratosphere are tinkered with far more than driven, so reliability, practicality, and longevity do not even remotely enter into the ownership equation.

You just don't run a $3,500,000 Ferrari through DC rush hour traffic............... or even a cheap $350,000 one.

LOL factor ?? I know a gent in Annapolis who has a stunning black example of an early Ferrari GTO. In order to drive the car he needs to get a daily insurance rider on top of the insurance required to keep it locked in a security alarm garage !!!

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LOL If I had 50K that had nothing better to do I'd considering. I know this one kid who thinks Lambos and Ferrarris are such great cars. They're nifty, but he takes it to a ridiculous level. This would be blasphemy for him, and I'd drive it just to grind his gears :lol:

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$50K ??? Consider that quite a few Americans are tooling around in $58K cars as daily drivers................ then get to the ^^^ Special Order later STS-V and CTS-V variants for eye-watering run-of-the-mill new car pricing........... and that's for only a stock Cadillac. Have you discovered that the Hennessey 1,200 hp CTS-V is about $260,000 ?? Chump change, in the order of things.

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Actually it is not all that unusual to see $200-$300,000 Ferraris and Lamborghinis being driven on the streets of Southern California. Come to think of it, it is not that unusual to see them on the roads of Northern Virgina (they were a dime a dozen during the Dot-Com bubble!) either. There were a couple of Ferrari Testa Rosas I used to see, at least weekly on Route 7. The V-8 Ferraris were pretty common, come to think of it the V-8 Ferraris are pretty common down here in Richmond too. There are also numerous Rolls Corniche, as Zero Mostel's character in the movie "The Producers" said "If you got it, Baby, flaunt it!"

Back in the eighties and nineties I had several friends and clients that drove Ferraris as daily drivers.

I don't understand why you would want to buy and drive a N* powered Repli-Ghini when you by a real Ferrari V-8 for the same kind of money! But then as they say, "There an ass for every seat!"

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I used to run into Cindy Crawford quite often at our local Ralph's market near Hancock Park back in the 1990's. She was married to Richard Geer (poor thing, Cindy not Richard!) at the time. She was always pleasant and dressed about like she in the Pepsi ad! I saw some pictures of her recently she seems to aged well, for a girl from a little town in Central Illinois!