: Ignition - 2003 Deville and hot wires for stereo install

09-07-12, 11:47 AM
I have a 03 Deville base model non Navi with bose iam tring to install an aftermarket radio and I need to find the Ignition wires to hook to my aftermarket radio. My aftermarket radio has two wires that say Ignition 1 which is brown & ignition 2 which is white I dont know if the old radio and harness has the Igniton wires already built in, or do I have to run them from my new radio to the actual ignition switch any help would be great thanks…

09-30-12, 09:14 PM
Remove the stock headunit and disconnect the harness. Look at the colors of the wires. If the color wires you dont need are there then just check for power. there will be a wire that has power when the key is off (connect yellow), another that will have power when the key is on (connect red) and then black is your ground (connect black).

This is how i did it in my car. 93 seville with bose. It turns on like the stock stereo did, holds memory and turns off the same, still plays for however long or until a door is open.

I hope this is helps.

I have not worked on your year or model just so you know so it may not work for you and if your trying to use your factory bose speakers it will not work correctly.

09-30-12, 09:18 PM
I am not sure what kind of aftermarket radio you have and have no idea about the two ignition wires. Every cd or dvd deck i have seen has the red, yellow, black wires for powering them. So i think my last post wont help