: nav system date and time

09-06-12, 07:32 PM
So this is a pretty silly little stupid problem. But nonetheless.... it's annoying so I hope someone has seen this one before. I have a 2010 cts-v sedan. The nav system date and time is never correct. So the ETA is always wacky which drives me nuts. I go to Config and the Time tab. But none of the soft buttons are active, ie.., I push them and nothing happens. It's like it's in some mode where I can't set time/date. Is there a trick I'm missing or do I perhaps need a software update? Thanks for any insight!

Cadillac Cust Svc
09-07-12, 11:33 AM
Sorry you've been having this frustration, lazy7! I'm sure you're already aware of this, but the navigation system time and the analog clock are separate features (i.e. changing the time through the analog clock will not change the time on your nav system and vice versa).

According to page 69 of your Navigation manual, to set the time you need to do the following. To set the time:

1. Press the CONFIG key to enter
the menu options, then press the
CONFIG key repeatedly until the
time is selected or touch the clock
screen button located in the upper
right corner of the screen.

2. Press the Hours and
Minutes (minus) and
+ (plus) signs to decrease
and to increase the time.

If you've been attempting to press CONFIG repeatedly, as the directions state, and your screen is still not responding, then a visit to your dealership may be in order. Don't hesitate to email me anytime at Katie_Lucille@gmexpert.com for further assistance.


Cadillac Customer Service

09-07-12, 07:50 PM
Yup... I'm in Park. And the soft keys just don't work. If I rub my tummy just right I can, if immediately after entering the Time tab, hit a couple of soft buttons until it stops working again. I'm scheduled for a dealer visit next week. I'll write more after the visit. But it sounds like it's supposed to work and that's what I was hoping to confirm before scheduling a trip to the dealer. Thanks!

Cadillac Cust Svc
09-10-12, 05:33 PM
Ah! Thank you for clarifying! Let us know how the dealer appointment goes, and feel free to email me anytime in the meantime.

Cadillac Customer Service

09-11-12, 08:25 PM
Update - car went in to the dealer who tried to update the software. But unit won't take any updates. So they've decided the whole thing needs to get replaced. They're supposed to have the parts tomorrow. I certainly appreciate the service which so far has been top notch. Meantime I have a new CTS loaner - nice enough car and certainly gets me from A to B. But it ain't no V!

09-15-12, 08:11 PM
Final update - dealer replaced the entire infotainment system. All works great. Dealer was great. No problems other than all my hard drive music is gone and I have to reload it from my CD's. Evidently they can't copy the stuff from the old drive (this is what the service dept. indicated anyway) due to copyright issues. No biggy... Dealer gave me a cts with a 270 horse engine as a loaner. Nice enough car but it's a completely different car than the V. I was happy to have my own car back.