: Expected More from Cadillac/Dealer

09-06-12, 01:44 PM
Let me start out by saying that I have owned 12 new cars since 1986 and have been through both sales and service at many dealerships in several different areas. Most recently I have had 3 different BMW vehicles from 9/04-11/10. My experience with BMW stood out in my mind both before, during, and after the sale. It started with a connection with the dealership staff, where I felt like a valued customer who's needs were addressed. I received several gifts with each purchase, and periodic reminders of their appreciation of my business. From keychains, to floor mats, car wash kits to BMW publications, positive interactions with service, and a few license plate frames along the way. I don't consider myself to be a good negotiator, so any perks I got were extended to me without asking. Having researched Cadillac vehicles for the better part of a decade, I finally bought my first one at the end of July. I was satisfied with the buying and financing process overall, but am a little miffed at some of the details and lack of follow-up.
On the plus side:
The car was completely clean and shiny on delivery, and the salesman wiped a few small spots as we went over it together.
The fuel tank was full.
I received an adequate orientation.
When I signed the paperwork there were no surprises.
Some of my gripes include:
No free gifts of any kind. Even a cheap dealer keychain as a form of advertising for them would have been nice.
There was no follow-up by the dealership itself, only a Cadillac survey via email. I did comment on the dealership's facebook page and expressed my satisfaction. I also asked for the contact info for the GM from the internet rep of their FB page, but received no further communication from my selling dealer.
It's been 6 weeks since I picked up my new 2012 SRX AWD Luxury, and I've not heard a peep from the salesman. Oddly enough, I received a package from Cadillac via Fedex with some small gifts today. These included a large lint free cloth with Cadillac logo, a small pocket telescope,a tin of Altoids, some facial spray, and a map of the stars. I did bring the car in to have factory fog lamps installed and that went very well. I am also VERY disappointed in the lack of availability of HID headlamps in the SRX. In order to get these, one must step up to the Performance or Premium Packages. I could not afford, nor did I need the other options within these packages. HID headlamps are both functional, and expected on a luxury vehicle. Considering I did get the Luxury package, as opposed to the base, I should have at least been able to purchase HID's as a standalone option. I really like the SRX, and couldn't see HID's as a deal breaker, but it will bother me for as long as I own this car. I feel that my dealer should be doing more to try and welcome me as a new customer, and not make me feel as if I am yesterday's news. I paid full sticker price for my SRX, but got a higher amount for my trade. I know this was not the best I could have done, but was satisfied with it at the time of sale. I haven't contacted the dealer yet because I'm not sure what to say, and feel foolish. What's odd is that this dealer sells both Cadillac and Acura (although there are 2 separate facilities that are adjacent to each other) and I shopped Acura several years back. I told the salesman at that time that I wouldn't be ready to buy for at least a year and he said ok. I then received communication after communication basically begging for my business. I was so put off by this that I would never buy a car from that Acura dealer. I was later told that some of this is auto generated, yet I have heard nothing from the Cadillac dealer. Sorry to go on, but I'm disappointed in all but the vehicle itself. It's a bit soon to have any concerns there, and everything is going well so far.

09-07-12, 06:42 PM
That was interesting to read. How is it that you've bought 3 BMWs and been wined and dined (with keychains and license plate frames) and you cannot afford the performance package on a SRX? If the HIDs are that significant to you it seems to me that making the leap to the higher package would be a no brainer. Now according to you, you have a vehicle that leaves you wanting the entire time you own it. :wtf: When I'm new car shopping I will get what I want when I buy new. But to each his own I suppose.

One thing that left me :hmm: : in the same ink blot you complained about not getting keychains, etc, etc, (which are meaningless garbage to most people) you say you got a grab bag in the mail from Cadillac. So what else do you need to feel satisfied? I may have an extra keychain or two around I can send you. :)

I do think it's reasonable to expect the salesman to give you a call to follow up on your purchase. That alone would be worth much more to me then a handful of advertising trinkets. And as a "luxury line" dealer it would separate Cadillac from the rest of Chevy, GMC, etc. I can understand your criticism in that respect. If I were you I would email or write the dealer and suggest that to the manager. It may help those customers following you to have a better shopping experience. If I were the manager there I would appreciate the constructive feedback.

Congrats on the SRX. Be sure to check out the SRX forums: