: Maximum Mounting Depth for Non-Stock Subwoofer?

09-04-12, 10:10 PM
Anyone know what the maximum mounting depth for a 10" sub in the rear deck is? Does it help to remove the plastic piece that's under the stock sub to give you more clearance or does it matter?

I have an Infinity Perfect 10.1" DVC that I had in my Trans Am (and a separate amp/capacitor/DSP plus a bunch of other stuff that likely won't make it into the V) and I'd like to reuse it, but the sub doesn't appear to fit between the rear glass and the stock subwoofer opening. The magnet is so huge that it also likes to grab ahold of the metal frame, making it equally akward to try to maneuver in there without tearing up everything. I know that the stock opening will have to be trimmed at least 1/4" to get the basket to fit through or I can just build a box that goes under the rear deck.

I'm leaning toward a box underneath and just taking the stock sub out while I have the rear deck/backseat already apart for window tinting reasons, but of course many others have mentioned that I better plan on dynamat, etc. in the rear deck if you put anything stronger than the stock sub back there. Any help is greatly appreciated.

09-04-12, 10:14 PM
I had to move the plastic piece out of the way when I installed my 10" Infinity 1062w. Huge magnet like yours. I also had to trim the inner lip of the subwoofer hole so that the subwoofer supports would clear into it. The combination of the two allowed me to get the thing mounted, but just barely. If the foam insulation around the upper ring of the subwoofer didn't compress, I might've shattered my rear window jamming it in there. In order to mount the subwoofer securely, I used a thick silicon rubber sealer ring and four big screws to bolt it down from the bottom.

09-04-12, 10:20 PM
I remember your posts when someone else asked a similar question, but I didn't want to dredge up an old thread. That's encouraging that it WILL physically go in there. Of course I took the back end all apart to get the windows tinted and I should have done the install before the tint was back there to scratch all up ;-) Any chance you have pics of your install?

IF you had it to do all over again, would you still fabricate it to fit in the stock opening or for the sake of time and ease of installation just remove the stock sub and go with an undermount box that's long with minimum height to preserve trunk space, essentially using the stock opening for the sound to make it into the cabin?

09-05-12, 05:42 AM
Mine physically went in there. Yours might not--if it's even a tiny bit larger, I don't think it'll work.

I would still fabricate it to fit the stock opening. I like my trunk space.