: 03 Cts radiator problems!!! Help me please

Cadillac mark
09-04-12, 06:06 PM
Just brought the car in April from a dealer! Had no problems until bout a month ago car ran hot due to a busted top radiator hose fixed that then bout a few weeks later the transmission started slipping if the car set still overnight or a couple hours it would rev the rpm to bout 4/5 before going into 1st gear after warming up it was fine! So I changes the transmission sceen today and the problem was fixed so I thought but after driving the car it's running hot again a think oily milky substance is coming out the over flow reservoir? Does anyone know what the problem might be????????

05-12-13, 03:29 PM
Oil cooler leaking. Located in engine valley between heads. Messy job trying to get all oil out of hoses. Also trans cooler in radiator could be leaking causing coolant to get into trans, causing slip.