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09-03-12, 11:11 PM
ok, now here's the little write up on how to change a hd-6 clutch coil, result from having that work done on a 96 eldo:

tools you'll need:

clutch removal and installation tool (metric), az # mt1115
6" puller, generic
13/16" socket, short
standard tools, including punch (flat end)

the removal and install tool:

let's get started:

take off accessory belt
jack up the car
remove rf wheel
remove splash guards


screw the clutch removal tool into the clutch center thread, as far as you can go


screw the center part of the removal tool into the outer part until it touches the compressor shaft
hold the outer part and screw in the center part with a 19mm wrench until the clutch can be removed


remove clutch, be careful not to drop the shaft key (in my case it wasn't there)



take out the clip that holds the pulley in place


using the 13/16" nut, pull off the pulley with the generic puller, don't pull it against the compressor shaft, you'll damage it

remark: the pulley doesn't sit on the compressor very tight, you may be able to get it off by hand



now you can see the clutch coil (and in this case the reason for the job, broken connector):

pry off the coil as far as necessary with a screwdriver (or two), until you may use the puller for the rest, the reason is that the coil sits pretty close to the compressor and leaves no space to put on the puller completely



clean the area
mount the new coil using the punch and a soft hammer, this may take some time and effort, take care of putting the coil on evenly and till it's completely seated (check that the connector is placed within one of the two possible gaps or you may damage it). also don't hammer on the plastic part, just on the metal ring


put the pulley back on, this can be done by hand
check that it turns freely, if it doesn't, take it off and check that the coil is seated correctly
mount back the clip and make sure it sits tight in the groove


put the clutch back on and turn the removal tool around to make it an install tool
pull the clutch towards the pulley using the bearing that comes with the removal/install tool by pulling against the compressor shaft thread (i guess the next picture explains it better than my words)


leave a gap between clutch and pulley of between 0.020 to 0.030, using a feeler gage
plug in the coil
put the accessory belt back on
check for proper functioning and if it works fine mount back splash guards and wheel
lower the car and tighten the wheel nuts to spec

you just saved yourself a couple of bucks, congratulations!

09-04-12, 06:21 AM
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