: Restoration Project: 2005 Ford Mustang EV

09-04-12, 03:02 AM

After years of neglect, I brought it back to life.



09-04-12, 03:28 AM
Well, that's fun! Surely not what I expected, though. I used to have one of those when I was little, but it was a red Jeep Wrangler. It stopped working, so I pulled out the electric motor and used it as a little paddle boat in our swimming pool. :lol:

09-04-12, 09:32 AM
This thread... it does not deliver.

Y U NO MAKE awesome power wheel like the guy in the video you put in the article who did up the Lightning McQueen car?

09-04-12, 09:58 AM
Aint my kid

09-04-12, 11:29 AM
Solid reasoning... :coffee:

09-04-12, 02:46 PM
DUDE. That Lightning McQueen PW was FREAKING AWESOME!

Still, that was mighty kind of you. Good on ya Jesda :D

09-04-12, 08:24 PM
Good deed...good luck will come your way!

09-05-12, 12:36 AM
I miss my tractor battery powered BIGFOOT PowerWheels from back in the day. Good Times. Gooooood Times.

Very nice of you Jesda. :D

09-05-12, 01:03 AM
In my day it was a pedal car ... I never got one of those either! I spent ages 7 thru ten constructing "Go mobiles" out of wood and found wheels. I learned many "not to's' from this experimentation.

When my son was of an age to appreciate a pedal car the metal ones had become extinct, replaced by plastic. So I found a metal fire engine at a garage sale and spent Fall evenings restoring it for him as a Christmas present. The red Jeep looking fire truck looked great with a new coat of paint, decals, newly sanded and varnished ladders ...... and a fireman's helmet complete with siren and flashing red light! He seemed to like it, but in no time he had out grown the toy and it was onto other things .... like his child sized space capsule toy box which if you emptied the toys out of it held a six or seven year old for a space adventure complete with plexi glass viewing port. Well, I thought the fire truck was really neat!

09-05-12, 01:44 AM
That was my peddle car. A metal fire truck, sort of a 50s ford look to it IIRC. And yes it was cool and even cooler to get one restored by dad! As I recall I also outgrew it too quickly. I remember the bell on the hood and wood ladders!

09-05-12, 09:48 AM
I had a green John Deere tractor pedalcar.I think my father actually wanted me to tend to the yard with that thing.

Soon after he got me a bike. No training wheels. Learned how to ride in a day...

cadillac kevin
09-05-12, 10:24 AM
I had a fisher price plastic indy car pedal car. It was awesome fun to slid around on the concrete in. I sold it last summer along with my dyno blaze bike (I'm sure ray and matt remember those BMX style bikes with the pegs on the wheels).

09-05-12, 11:25 AM
I had a fisher price plastic indy car pedal car.

09-05-12, 06:10 PM
I got my first bike, a real sturdy Mongoose with a junk drivetrain....when I was twelve :rolleyes:

I've been making up lost ride time ever since.