: Porting 368 Intakes

09-03-12, 07:52 PM
I picked up a 368 carb intake this weekend. Thought I might try porting it just for fun and trying it out on my 425. Unbelievable how much lighter it is than the 1976 eldo intake I got. Any suggestions on porting? I noticed the ports are a little more than 1/8" smaller both ways, so there should be enough metal to open that up at the face, and if I'm careful I could probably do the same farther in. I was also thinking I could shorten the wells or whatever you call them (the round holes under the carb). Like if I shortened them, it would make more clearance between the bottom of the intake the the bottom of the holes.

09-04-12, 09:00 PM
The ports are so small all your going to do is loose power.. If you want more power you want to flow more .. With that intake you will flow a lot less..

09-05-12, 12:01 AM
Yeah but if I port it won't it improve the flow?? Did you read my whole post where I talk about porting it?? It's even in the title. Are you saying that even if I port it, the ports will still be the stock size? I'm trying to find out in what way it would be recommended to port it.