: 2006 3.6L V6 Using a lot of Oil

09-01-12, 11:12 PM
I know it's a common problem that the V6's go through a lot of oil, but do we know why and if there is a way to fix it?


09-02-12, 01:01 AM

Read this, should explain it, will also give you a solution that is proving to be legit.

09-02-12, 02:32 PM
On my 06 STS it was using 1 qt. of oil every 760 miles. While under warrenty Cadillac installed new piston ring. Have not used any oil between changes. I change oil when the car tell me to, 10 k - 12 k miles. Danny

09-04-12, 08:52 PM
Danny, you will most likely see the consumption return over time if the cause is not addressed which is the oil ingestion into the intake aircharge that gunks up the ring lands to begin with.

The only solution is to stop the ingestion (especcially after the new rings from GM) before the deposits form to the extent it interferes with ring seal agin.


07-22-16, 04:34 PM
After a lot of researching and trying the PVC mods etc, Oil Consumption was still a quart approx every 500 miles,,No Leaks and doesn't appear to be burning at startup or idle ...retired and don't really do that much driving but when I do it is all high speed on the interstates here in Texas (75+mph)....I came accross a post that advised of a oil baffle that was not installed on the left value cover allowing the lifter to pump oil actually directly into the fresh air suction located at the rear of the left bank value cover....going back to my youth when I used to drag race gave me an idea; since left bank value covers are over hundred dollars. O reillys sells a flat oil fill cap for 4.25...3/4" plastic elbow..drilled hole in cap JB weld elbow and rerouted the fresh air hose to the oil fill cap like they did in the 50's when the oil fill cap had a hose to the air cleaner ..blocked the outlet on the value cover....been over a thousand miles and no oil consumed (0) yet.....my 07 CTS 3.6 has over 117000 miles....you would think since this is an easy fix GM would figure it out...Guess they are trying to high tech the situation...All their first Gen 3.6s have this problem