: My squeaky seat fix

09-01-12, 09:13 PM
My 2012 wagon has had the squeaky driver seat issue many others have had pretty much since I bought it. Mine sounded like a creak ending with a high pitched squeal. It almost sounded like a high pitch electronic tone, so that when I'd hear it I'd look down at the dash for warning lights or check my phone.


Until now I've been able to adjust the seat and make it go away while still being comfortable. I'm up around 5k miles now and it's gotten so I couldn't make the sound go away and be comfortable so I did some digging. Found lots of posts on things to grease and oil, places to check. I found a reference to a bulletin 090850004A but it wasn't for my exact car. Checked with the dealer, they had one for CTS front seats 2008-2012 built before 10.1.2011. The pics he sent for that didn't look like the Recaro seats though, so I took a look myself, especially since their fix involved grinding and cutting away parts of the car to remove pressure points.

In my case it happened only when the seat was low towards the cabin floor. I could hear it when reclining, when rocking front to back, and sometimes just by pushing straight down on the seat bottom towards the rear of the cushion. Because of this I first looked around underneath instead of pulling off the seat back like others have done.

I found a spring that was the problem.

It's just on one side, the outboard side on the driver seat, running front to back, about 4-6 inches long and it looks pretty much fully compressed, not stretched much at all. It looked to not be greased or coated. Looking closely it seemed like the spring was stationary, but the cushion above went up and down with the chair position, and once they touched the noise became evident.

I put down some rags underneath and gave about 5 tiny squirts inside and on top of that spring with WD-40 Specialist White Lithium, cleaned up the excess, and now I can't get a squeak or creak in any seat position no matter how hard I rock it.