: Thinking about trying to work a deal to trade in my new 2012 CTS-V Sedan for a Wagon

08-30-12, 12:41 PM
Well the sales mgr at the dealer said he'd work with me. The thing I did'nt take into consideration enough when I bought this car a couple months ago was I play wheelchair tennis and travel around to different tournaments and the wagon would just be much more practical for getting gear in and out of it. Some of the thing's I've learned too is I'd like the black graphite wheels as I'm constantly cleaning the chrome wheels of brake dust as I'm kind of a perfectionist in keep the car looking good all the time. So I'm thinking about maybe ordering a new 2013 blue CTS-V wagon with the light interior (that's another thing with my Thunder gray sedan is the interior is too hot with the ebony interior). My thunder gray sedan currently has 4K miles on it. The sales manager at the dealer said he'd really work with me since I've had all these issues with my sedan. He still has not given me any numbers yet, so hopefully it is not going to be too much of a blood bath.

The Opulant Blue along with the light interior is still available on the 2013's right?

Anybody know the wait time for ordering a new 2013? I leave for Florida in a couple of months, so hopefully within a couple months.

Maybe they'd be willing to work a deal with me to just put my thunder gray sedan on the lot now and take a certain percentage for selling it, that way the miles would not still be racking up on it and sitting there depreciating the next two months.

Might be able to get 63K for my gray sedan, they take a grand for selling it, then pay around 67K for the new 2013, that's my hope. Going 5 grand down with one model year newer would not be too bad a loss. Hopefully it will work out that way. Somebody suggested I get rid of the Gray car yesterday on these forums, they were right. This car is just not for me and to keep driving it does not make sense.

08-30-12, 03:32 PM
If they take 63K for it, I would be very impressed! I considered the same thing (ordering a wagon), and my dealer was telling me mid-50s for trade. I have ~6000 miles on my sedan. Perhaps they are lowballing me, but I've seen '12 sedans being sold for high 50s right now.

Did you lease/buy? What's your current payoff? I'm quite interested as I may go the same route in a couple months.


08-30-12, 08:35 PM
Well talked with the sales manager at herb chambers, he said keep the car another year, it does not matter whether I trade it in now or a year from now I'm still going to loose a large amount of money. This is coming from a guy who said "when your ready to trade it in we will make it up to you because of the fender issue" ya right. They are just simply a money making machine, they could care less about the customer. Anyhow I went to a country dealer called Mastria in Raynham Ma, not to much further for me than chambers. They seem real nice, they looked at the car and the sales manager was saying maybe around 59K for my car, still not sure if they'd be able to take the 4 grand off the newly ordered car like chambers took off the sticker when I bought the sedan. Anyhow if they can do this, it would cost me my car plus around 7 to 8 grand for the new 2013. Hopefully it will work out because a wagon would be much more practical for me than the sedan even though I like the way sedan looks better. Now just gotta decied which color if it goes through. It's pretty much between the Opulant Blue or the Mocha, the Mocha is a little more conservative.

08-30-12, 08:43 PM

I still don't know whether the deal is doable, I screwed up big time not getting the Wagon a couple of months ago. I paid cash on the car so don't owe anything. I may end up having to hang onto the Sedan and wait it out a year and see what things look next summer, although then I'll probably end up loosing around 12 grand on this current sedan, so I dunno which is worse, take the loss now or even more later. The main loss comes right when you drive the car off the lot as you know, so maybe we both are being unrealistic. Who knows maybe GM will come out with a improved wagon that is more efficient and just as fast with improved and newly designed state of the art electronics, now I'm dreaming, lol.
If they take 63K for it, I would be very impressed! I considered the same thing (ordering a wagon), and my dealer was telling me mid-50s for trade. I have ~6000 miles on my sedan. Perhaps they are lowballing me, but I've seen '12 sedans being sold for high 50s right now.

Did you lease/buy? What's your current payoff? I'm quite interested as I may go the same route in a couple months.


08-30-12, 09:27 PM
This car is just not for me and to keep driving it does not make sense.

Which is why I just cant wrap my hands around that comment. Knowing the issues you've been having and the complaints I've heard from you, do you realize that many, if not all, of the quirks you've had with your current car you'll see with the wagon?? I'm not sure I understand your logic. I'm not knocking it....I'm just a little confused by it.

08-30-12, 10:06 PM
I agree with trapspeed, I'd think long and hard about trading for a wagon. I had a plain sedan (08) that I traded for a
wagon specifically because I loved the sedan, I just wanted more power and needed more space to transport dogs.
If you are not liking the sedan solely because of space, then maybe. Otherwise, I'd find something else. For this much money
you should be happy. And what the dealer is probably saying is your going to get as much for the car next year as you are
now. The real hit on depreciation is the fact it is used now. As I recall, when the V sedan first came out, I asked the dealer what they would give for my 08 in trade for a 09V. They offered 28K (paid 45 about a year prior). I was stunned as my car
was perfect still. So I said thanks but no thanks. Last june my 08 was now 3 years/9 months old. They offer 24K in trade. So only 4K less after almost 3 years goes by.

08-30-12, 10:06 PM
I've decided for myself to not throw away 8K on trading into a V Wagon. I've got the great V sedan for when I want to go fast and a lifted 4 door wrangler for when I want to go slow and haul things.

Perhaps I will reconsider more near the end of my lease, but I can stick with my Caddy. I don't like playing the depreciation game that comes along with buying cars and then selling at a loss.

08-30-12, 10:41 PM
If you don't care about the Recaro seats, there's a nice used one like that in Michigan maybe? It even has tinting already. I was ready to pounce, but I need the Recaros since I track mine so much.

08-30-12, 10:55 PM
Heres the car I'd really like to get http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Mercedes-Benz-Other-Wagon-2012-E63-AMG-Wagon-Performance-Pkg-550-hp-590-lb-ft-/110942624521?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item19d4b21b09 Just not really sure I want to throw an extra 45K at a wagon though.

I think what I'll do is if offered, cough up the extra 7 grand and get the wagon and then go to church every sunday before it is delivered and pray the quality is better than what I've seen so far with the sedan. Maybe the assembly worker will get the tolerances better in the rear end and it won't whine? maybe the new two piece rotor is really the solution for the clicking sound? Maybe the seams will fit better on the body panels? It's all really a gamble, but probably worth taking.

Looks like no more Mocha color available for the 2013, so I guess it's gonna have to be Opulant Blue, think I'll get the blacked out grill for an extra 800 bucks and the new red brake calipers. The red with the blue and black should look good. The light interior will be cooler in the hot Fla sun too this winter. Hopefully the car will be at the dealer within a month or so, they are a lot faster in getting cars delivered that are ordered these days.

08-31-12, 08:09 AM
Sir, no disrespect but you are setting yourself up for yet another disappointment. If you are even in the financial position to consider buying that Benzo you should seriously consider it. I think that'll ultimately make you happiest.

08-31-12, 08:55 AM
You can fix the brake dust issue with new pads, and you can fix the interior temperature issue by tinting your windows, including sunroof and windshield wiht 80%. It makes a huge difference with how horizontal our windshield and rear windows are. That won't help you with having a car that is easier to get in and out of, but just letting you know because you may want to do those things on your new wagon anyway if you get one.

Have you driven the E63 yet? They are completely different cars. I drove a bunch of different cars and settled on the CTS-V because it feels the most sporty - firm suspension, great engine, and I love the seats. If you like those things about the CTS-V, I think you will miss it going to the E63 - it has a much softer ride although the exhaust note is pretty good.

08-31-12, 12:45 PM
Thanks for the advice guys, you make some excellent points. Yes I did drive a Merc E550 and the steering felt way over boosted and numb, the car was no fun at all to drive and way too cushy for me and even too quiet. It had the new twin turbo motor. I was kind of disappointed. I just assumed the E63 had a better steering feel, but maybe not, I have not driven one of those yet.

I think what I'm going to do is put a sticker across the rear window of my CTS-V saying "DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM HERB CHAMBERS" They handled the whole issue with the right front fender of my new car having been replaced before I bought car horribly. I've been thinking about, why should I have to fork out extra $$$ to buy another car when they should be replacing this sedan I have? Anyhow, I'm out on a mission at this point to cost them a lot of business and hopefully even put them out of business. I am having my body shop guy line up the misaligned fender Sept 4th, the paint looks fine on it, in fact I really think they took a new fender off another car same color as I can't find any imperfections in the paint. I dunno, maybe I ought to just line it up and move on, this being as pissed off as I am right now about this whole thing is gonna effect my health if I let it, probably not worth it.

You just don't expect to buy a new car with 25 miles on it that is not really new. I thought i was doing right buying a conservative color, a new car and not a used one as I originally thought about doing. I'm really sorry now I didnt just buy a good clean 2010 or something for 20 grand less. I feel like they stole my money and won't do anything about it.

The dealer I went to yesterday is not calling me back. I can fully understand. Why do they want a practically new car as a used car with only 4000 miles on it. Anybody buying is gonna say first thing "What's wrong with the car"

08-31-12, 01:00 PM
this whole thing is gonna effect my health if I let it, probably not worth it.

Best thing you've said. It isn't worth it. Try to move in a direction that helps you, not kills you.

larry arizona
08-31-12, 03:43 PM

You need to fall in love with your sedan again..... Its not hard. Get the fender fixed, then gas it up, take a day road trip. Figure out how to launch the car using the TC and sport modes etc. Try it will everything off, but beware and hang on. Find some twisties and put the G meter on and see how high you can get your readings to go. Try some hard braking, you will be amazed how great these brakes are. You have to look beyond perfection in this car, some squeaks and rattles, crappy dealers are easily fixed by not sweating the small stuff, its all small stuff. Find a new dealer and build a relationship with them that is friendly and understanding and as my grandmother used to say, You catch more bees with honey than vinegar.......

larry arizona
08-31-12, 03:46 PM
Funny since I got my V my wife says you never seem to have a bad day at work anymore..... Oh I do have bad days at work, I work in the auto industry...... but I have a 12 mile drive home and banging some gears on the way cranking out some Linkin Park with the roof and windows open makes me VERY HAPPY! I walk in the house with the exhaust going "tink tink tink" and I look at my hot wife and say I HAD A GREAT DAY!

08-31-12, 04:17 PM
I just went out to get some lunch, and it's in the high 90s here but overcast so I opened the windows and the sunroof and had a nice drive there and back. On the way back some yuppie in a new Mercedes actually revved at me at a stop light. He took off when it turned green, so I was considerate enough to make sure he could hear my rear tires screaming and turning into smoke as I pulled past him, grabbed 2nd, screeched the tires some more and turned him into a wee little Mercedes in my mirror.

It only takes a few days like today to make you not want to give up your V. My V has had more problems than the average here, I think... I've had all the common issues plus a few more. But it's under warranty, I've gotten the major stuff handled, and on a day to day basis none of it affects me and I don't care any more. I'm a little worried that the rear diff is going to go at some point, and I'm still probably going to bring it back for that issue, but overall? I love my car. The only thing I would be interested in trading it in on would be a gen 3 V wagon, which probably isn't going to exist.

09-01-12, 12:14 AM
All good advice everyone. I guess a lot of my problem is I'm probably too much of a perfectionist, I'm generally cleaning the chrome wheels like every day. I really think I do just have to start enjoying the car a lot more and pushing it and just having fun. I just took a trip the other day to the US open in Flushing NY and took back roads all the way back home to R.I and it was l loads of fun. Turned off all the electronic nannies and was drifting a few times coming out of corners, felt very comfortable with the car, it does feel very well balanced and the steering has a great feel to it, especially when in the competitive mode. The fender will be fine, have my appointment on the 4th with my buddy at the body shop and all we really need to do is drop the hood down around 1/16th of a inch on the passenger side and then tweak down the outside edge of the hood a tiny bit. Should be easy. It'll bring back memories of when I was 18 and worked at a ford dealer in the body shop the summer re-fitting body panels that were out of alignment and there were lots of those back in the early 70's, lol.

One thing I do notice is I want to bring in the drivers door just a little bit and the stryker does not have an adjustment on it? Use to be you'd take a star hex tool and loosen it and move it in a bit. Hopefully my buddy at the body shop knows how to move that in just a tad, I think it was out from the factory, there is no wind noise or anything. This is infact one of the quietest cars on the highway I've ever owned. Just got to get these initial bugs out of the car and hopefully be good from there.

The thought of getting rid of it at this point is kinda unrealistic, I'm not willing to take a 10K or more bath after just two months of ownership and that's pretty much what it would amount to if I decieded to bail at this point.

I'd seen a brand new 2012 V6 3.6L wagon for sale at another dealership today in my travels down in MA (Olsen) nice color the Mocha color I like that was discontinued for 2013. I had the thought, what if they were to give me that car (the want 49K for it) plus 10 or 11 grand for mine and then I put a turbo on the 3.6. Would have much better gas mileage (the turbo actually improves mileage) and a 400 hp or more car that could run low 13's quarter mile, plus the practicality of a wagon. But I'm dreaming again, they'd want to do a even trade or something which I'd never do. Dealers will be Dealers, seems like they all want to make at least 5 grand minimum per transaction or they just won't do it.

larry arizona
09-01-12, 07:42 AM
Get some armorall wheel protectant and you will be amazed how it repels brake dust. I can go 4 weeks without washing the rims. I wash the car once a week and just avoid cleaning the rims because the AAWP works so well. Its not cheap but its a product that does what it claims and its worth it.

09-01-12, 08:06 AM
I'll have to give that stuff another try, I'd tried it but don't think I was letting it dry long enough, did'nt read the directions. I'll spray some on today and leave it for a couple of hours.

09-01-12, 05:23 PM
^^^ - Confirmed - ya gotta let it dry. I usually try to insure that the wheels are clean and dry first, then spray the Armorall WP on, and let it dry, preferably overnight, and then you're good to go!