: Fattest rears for a wagon?

08-29-12, 06:56 PM
Sorry, I've done searches all over and can't find the same answer twice. Hoping to get some definitive info here, maybe even first hand with pics and brand names.

What is the widest rear wheel+tire combo that fits in an unlowered 2012/2009+ wagon without scraping during bumps even heavily loaded?

Stock is 19x9.5" wheels with 285/35 tires.

I'd like to know if 20x10" or 20x10.5" wheels and 305/30 tires would fit or if I need to stick with 295. If the calculators I've found are correct that would be only about +1/4" in diameter and about +3/4" in width.

Hennessey has pics of a 305/35-20 here (http://www.hennesseyperformance.com/ctsvpics.html) that look like they fit to me but it may be that they tweaked the wheel wells, fender or axle. It looks like the rear sits a bit high is all.

I've seen comments from a few people that 295 is the widest you can go without rubbing, but it seems like most or all of those were lowered to some extent.

Sadly the wheels I'm looking at are not available locally, so I can't just go down and try them on for size until I find ones that fit. I'll also check with the vendor and manufacturer to see what they say, but I'd rather have a driver's opinion than a salesperson's.

Anybody running 305 in the rear on 20x10? Any rubbing? What offset?


08-29-12, 07:04 PM
More samples here...many at 20x10.5 and some up to 20x12, with 305 tires on the stock wheels at the bottom...


Lots of different sizes here too

And here finding out Coupe and Sedan differ...so wagon fits?