: Central Florida CTS/CTS-V Meet

12-10-04, 02:54 PM
To all owners of CTS's and CTS-V's,
CTS Orlando and myself would like to have a possible get-together of Orlando and othe Central Florida owners to talk mods, personalizing, future plans, and have a couple of drinks.

This is my first time trying to set something like this up so I am not to sure how to go about this but I was thinking that we could meet sometime at the end of next week (weekend of Dec. 18th). The first place that popped in my mind was "The Caddy Shack" located at the Festival Bay Mall on I-Drive near the Bells Outlet Mall (I-Drive & Oakridge). Obviously the name is appealing but it is also where a Corvette club meets monthly so I know it won't be overwelming for them if a lot of us turn up, but being that not many CTS/CTS-V owners in Orlando post on this forum, I doubt it will be that big.

I will not be near a computer over the weekend so I may not be able to post back until Monday but I am open to suggestions for a good day, time and place if someone has a better idea. I-Drive is were I work, UCF is were most of my family lives, and I live downtown; so any place in Orlando would be good for me and is not hard for me to get to.

All those interested please post, thanks.

12-10-04, 08:55 PM
Sounds like fun, but I'll be out of the area next weekend. I'd be interested if you do it again another time.

12-10-04, 10:27 PM
I live 5 minutes away so count me in anytime, except 27th-2nd..going to Vegas baby! :coolgleam :drinker :bonkers: :crying:

12-11-04, 03:22 PM
If you guys ever want to do something half way between orlando and Atlanta I would be game

12-14-04, 11:23 AM
You seem to be the only other CTS-V owner in Orlando that reads and posts on this forum. There are a couple of people from the CTS forum that are planning on coming but so far me and you are the only CTS-Vs. I've see a few around town but never your redline. If I see any V's, I'll try to talk with the drivers and see if they want to meet this weekend, and you can do the same if you know anyone.

Also, We can make this a lunch time meet or an afternoon meet, I'm open to time suggestions, but I think we will try to do this on Saturday at the Caddy Shack, unless another place and time is more convient.

12-14-04, 02:04 PM
Whatever is cool with me, I have yet to see any V's myself. I'm at the point I would literally chase one down if I did. :eek:

12-14-04, 02:56 PM
I can not make this one but I should be able to make the next. I will proably have my V by then also.

12-14-04, 03:51 PM
I've seen 3 black Vs around town. One can often be found pulling into or leaving the Acme Hose and Rubber company (sounds fake but it really is there) on 441 (OBT) and Princeton. The other V's I've seen, one was on the Turnpike near the US 192 exit and another was at a gas station on I-4 near the turnpike exit.

A neighbor of a friend tells me he knows three people with V's in Orlando, but I think he was just saying that because everytime I go to visit my friend the guy (in is early 50s and works as a mechanic) is waiting outside to catch me before I go in and has knocked on my friends door to get me to come out and talk about my car. He's begged me to let him drive it but I don't let anyone I don't know drive it, especially at night when I am usually there. One time he knocked on my friends door while I was there just to give me a hat with the Cadillac logo on front and the V logo on the back, and he didn't even ask to drive it.

Other than these, I know of no other V owners/drivers in Orlando.

12-14-04, 07:16 PM
that one on the turnpike was probably me blowing through town :lildevil:

I might be interested in a meet sometime, but not until the new year

12-16-04, 11:22 AM
Well, it looks like you are the only other person besides me that is still planning on trying to make it to Chaddy Shack this Saturday at noon. THe guys on the CTS forum have just stated that they will probably not make it, so I will not hold it against you if you have other things that will require your attention. I am still planning on going but that is because I am driving to West Palm on Saturday and I will have to stop for some lunch before I jump on the Turnpike and head South.

So, unfortunately the CF CTS/CTS-V Meet seems to have fallen through. We will try again sometime next year. However, I will be at the Orlando Speed World Drag Racing on Friday night if anyone wants to come watch or race with me. It should be in the high 40s and I might have a performance tune added by tomorrow night so we could be seeing some high 12 ETs.

12-16-04, 11:49 AM
There is always the Rolex 24 Hours the first of Feuruary where I am sure there will be a few Vs running on Friday. :)


12-16-04, 12:34 PM
I may still show Sat. since its so close, see how I feel..just got stitches and I have a huge bandage on my face lol. :canttalk:

12-17-04, 11:22 AM
I live in south florida . would be interested in a cts -v meet

12-18-04, 04:21 AM
Sorry I didn't catch this post until too late...

I live in downtown Orlando on Orange Ave and there is another CTS-V owner here in my apartment building (me black, his is platimum)! I believe that this may still be possible.....

...sticky! :2thumbs:

'05 CTS-V Raven/Neutral FG2, Moonroof

12-18-04, 11:05 AM
I have to pass, half my face is swollen fom minor surgery. Holding ice on it and gonna stay in and relax all day. Hopefully we can plan a meet someday with a short cruise after and some lunch. :thumbsup:

12-20-04, 09:42 AM
Yes, I was the only person to make it to the meet on Saturday.

As for the track, it never made it to the 40s friday, humidity was bad, started raining before the night was over, and for some reaseon I kept having trouble shifting from 1st to 2nd at high RPMs.

So in other words, Friday at the drag strip sucked for every one. Everyone I talked with was running half a second slower than usual, and I couldn't get out of the low 14s even though I consistantly run mid 13s. I was also unable to get the performance tune for my car Friday because the micro tuner displayed an error code when I tried to load it, so the company is going to reprogram the tuner for my car specifically. So Friday was a bad day, but at least I am going to get a custom tune (sort of) for the price of buying an off the self tuner.

12-20-04, 09:46 AM
I have lived in downtown for a year just off Orange Ave and have not seen any other Vs downtown. What apartment building do you live in, I'm at the Echelon at Uptown and I drive a platnium V so you may be talking about me but, again, I have never seen another V downtown.

12-24-04, 02:56 AM
Wow! Small world - I am talking about you! You know me as the guy on the top floor that has the black trans am - I stopped once and commented on your car as a matter of fact!

I havn't had the V to the apartment yet - just bought it! We'll definately have to get together sometime!

12-24-04, 10:22 AM
That is funny you guys live in the same complex. I just brought my black V home. Let me know if there is going to be another meet up soon.

12-31-04, 12:45 PM
Ya, I thought that might be you, but I knew that I didn't see another V in the building yet. Unfortunately I am moving to a condo off Michigan so I won't be at the Echelon anymore but Holli (girl in the office) can find me or just leave me a message in the forum or the private message. I'd be interested to hear what you have planned for mods and who you plan to have mod it. We'll definitely have to get together soon.

CTS Orlando
01-27-05, 07:36 PM
Time to revive the thread. Its the End of January in '05. What do we got boys, the weather in Orlando is gorgeous and its time for a meet....