: Tires for the best grip

08-28-12, 08:15 PM
I hope these Mickey Thompson's 305 35 R19 ET street radial II's are the right tire im looking for. Cause I just bought two for the rear on my 2012 coupe. Does anyone know if this was a good idea or not.

larry arizona
08-28-12, 08:30 PM
About the best DR option you will find for the V. Some go 18's but there should be no diff between them as far as traction. 19's on stock rims are perfect.......

V locity
08-28-12, 10:04 PM
Check out how true they are on the balance machine. The 19s have been known to be out of round lately. (this could be a safety issue!)

If they are true, they'll be great!

larry arizona
08-29-12, 07:07 AM
hoping MT worked that out. Agree check them before you buy them

08-29-12, 07:52 AM
At least with my old pontiac G8GT I found the michelin super sports to have about the best grip, at least over the stock bridgestone potenzas. Plus they were very smooth too. I'm kinda sorry I sold that car now. At least it had a locking fuel door, no differential whine and no clicking wheels, plus the front fender had never been replaced like my new CTS-V.

08-29-12, 11:24 AM
Locking fuel door? What is this, 1977??

larry arizona
08-29-12, 11:25 AM

You sure are unhappy with your V :hmm:

08-29-12, 12:36 PM

You sure are unhappy with your V :hmm:

Agreed. Way more complaining than enjoyment. Seriously...trade it on the Benz you feel you should've bought. Life's too short to drive something you hate. Plus, I'm sure someone out there will jump on your trade. Trust me. Best of luck.

08-29-12, 12:54 PM
Except he fuel door DOES lock, its keyless like the rest of the car. Try it without the fob in your pocket, it will not open.

08-29-12, 12:59 PM
just walked out to V in garage....key fob a hundred feet away...Gas cap door still opens.... Whats with that ????

08-29-12, 01:17 PM
Wherez teh LOCKS?

larry arizona
08-29-12, 01:22 PM
It iss a manual door on the sedan. No lock. So thats why my gas gage moves so fast....... Gas is being stolen.

1997, with all due respect and I mean ALL, you seem to have buyers remorse and that is no way to feel about a car you bought. I agree with Trap, sell and buy what you want that will put a grin on your face a mile wide. I couldnt imagine owning a car that bummed me out.

08-29-12, 01:39 PM
Wow, really? The sedan uses a different fuel door than the wagon? The manual (pg 9-50 on an 11) says
"The cap is behind a locking fuel door on the passenger side of the vehicle. The fuel door is locked or
unlocked every time the drivers door is locked or unlocked..."

Perhaps the door was left unlocked in the garage. I set mine to auto lock, so without the fob around my car doors are always locked automatically.

larry arizona
08-29-12, 02:46 PM
sedan is just a manual spring detent

V locity
08-29-12, 08:53 PM
Just checked my 2011 sedan. No Lock.

08-29-12, 09:37 PM
The tire advise is great. Ill send them back if they out of round because I had to order them. As for the talk about the other rando POS cars... You have to be out of your mind. There are only a handful of cars out ther that are better than the V. None of them are a BMwhatever or a MercedoverpricedPOS. And all of them are 2 to 3 times the pricetag. This is the most amazing car ive ever driven. To include M6, AudiR8, GTR, Corvette, GT500. Now lets talk about the best bang for the buck and still has an awsome comfortable ride on the road.

01-21-13, 01:09 AM
Along the lines of tires... the Mickey Thompson 305/35 19 is ok for straight and dry weather launches but the Michelin 295/35 19 does everything. Don't buy anything else unless you are only racing 24/7

01-21-13, 07:42 AM
I use the ET's on my 89 Firebird at the track. Great launches and some of the best 60' times ever. I got stuck with them in the rain once and I literally had to drive home at 20 mph cause I had no traction whatsoever. I have changed them out at the track ever since!