: Fun and Games on the Chesapeake Bay Bridges near Annapolis

08-28-12, 10:57 AM
Something is wrong with one of the parallel Bay Bridges near here. One was shut down at midnight. The other is westbound for 20 minutes, reversed, eastbound for 20 minutes. So that's 6 lanes of traffic trying to go over a 3-lane bridge alternately. Traffic is backed up on Rt.50 east of here for at least 10 miles and I have no idea of the west side: All the MDOT traffic cameras went dead at 0900. Typical Maryland.

Compounding our (residents) problem is that the old 2 lane road, Rt.18, parallels the 6 lanes of Rt.50 first on the north side, then the south across the island. So..... the restless drivers get off Rt.50 to try a quick end-around and clog the local roads 100%, so we're locked at home with no way to go anywhere. The State Police have staked out all the exits to Rt.18 and, if you don't have a local address, you don't get off Rt.50 ! Karen is currently at the Post Office 1.5 miles south of here and figures she won't make it home until at least 1230.

08-28-12, 11:23 AM
More joys of the East Coast Megapolis. Every time I travel to that part of the nation I marvel that anybody would actually choose to live in the middle of that mess. I hope the coastal turkies never find out that there is plenty of room in the midwest and plains and screw that all up too.

08-28-12, 01:09 PM
^^^ Koz, the foods better, and so is the pay!

08-28-12, 02:45 PM
That's why I like Wyoming. A traffic jam is being fourth at the light. :D

08-29-12, 03:58 AM
Sounds much worse than Friday afternoons in the summer. I lived in Centreville and worked at Fort Meade so I traveled those bridges five maybe six times a week. They use to reverse one lane on the three lane bridge during high volume periods. Wonder why they didn't do that? That still has to be better than changing every 20 minutes.

Did the tolls increase to six dollars yet for non EZPass? I will be in the area first week of October.

08-29-12, 12:11 PM
I edited the first post - the 3-lane was shut down for inspection of what someone thought was metal girder cracks. (So much for accurate NBC/CBS "news" reporting) It wasn't cracks, just surface rust, but it took 12 hours to do the NDT.

The old, original 2-lane bridge was converted back to one lane east, one lane west, so traffic crawled from 3 lanes into one for the 12 hours. When the 3-lane opened at noon I watched the traffic cameras on each side for a while - within 1 hour traffic was flying at 55+ both ways.

If you lived in Centreville, at one point westbound traffic was backed up all the way to the 50/301 split - 11 miles.

Karen and I (2 cars) did the bridges 5 days a week from '87 through '02.

Not sure just how much EZ-Pass is, but cash is $4 eastbound only. PM me and stop by for a brew.

08-29-12, 12:33 PM
^^^ Koz, the foods better, and so is the pay!

With the cost of living, it has to be!