: Exterior Window Trim Removal C Body 1985-93

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Anyway, I've had people ask me how to take the exterior window trim off without breaking it. The trim is diecast and fragile. If pryed on the wrong way, it will snap in two. So I made a tool to remove the clips without damaging the frame or the window channel.

First thing to do is get the window down all the way. Remove the interior door panel assembly. Next remove the review mirror, it has 3 nuts on studs and depending on the option up to 2 wire connectors. Early models might have the adjust by cable instead of the electric motors in the mirror head. Removal of the window channel is not necessary. Removal of the seal around the outer circumference does not need to be removed. From the outside push the rubber on the outside of the window channel down from the trim as shown in photo below.


I modified and old screw driver on the end to pull the clip holding the trim off the lip on the door. I used a cutoff disc in a dremel to cut a groove in the end of the screwdriver. It is the shape of a hook somewhat. Shown below


Stick the tool up along the clip on the inside and pull down on it until it, the clip, pops off the lip of the door.


I have tried removing the frame from the clip on the door, but it always breaks the trim piece. So I came up with this method. Here is a couple of pics of the trim piece with the clips on the frame.


The clips only go around the front top and back side. There are none at the bottom. When you get all of the clips off the upper part, the trim piece with the wiper lifts out. To reinstall, place the clips on the door in their original location. Remove the seal around the outer edge of the trim piece and snap the trim piece back onto the clips. Install the seal around the trim and then install the rear view mirror.

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