: What would you do?

08-26-12, 11:37 PM
1999 Deville Base model

It has an Audiovox 10 disk CD changer in the trunk with the remote coming out of the glove box. Original owner told me he had it installed when he bought the car. I was pleased with the stereo system until the remote started acting up and not playing CDs. I was just going to replace the head unit with a aftermarket but after research on this board(Thank you by the way for all the great info posted on here, really helped out on my alternator RR) found out it was not going to be that easy. Local stereo shops are telling me I will need 2 harnesses at 100 bucks apeice. One for the stereo swap the other for the steering wheel controls which I use often. I been trying to find info on replacing the CD changer but dont know if it needs to have any advanced options. The last thing I want to do is cause any electrical problems to my ride. If it were you would replace the CD changer or would you put in an after martket head unit. Thanks in advance.

Also I seen a stock 1999 cadillac head unit with the cd player in the head unit would that work in a switch.

08-30-12, 09:41 PM
No it won't work, the ones with the CD changer in the HU are BOSE, is 10000 times more different that it looks.
Why you go with all these troubles for the aftermarket crap when you can just add a factory 12 Disk CD changer at a cost to you of less than $70 (possibly as low as $25). There are hundreds available on eBay (literally).
The car is already wired for it (no you don't need any harness for the OEM unit no matter what the ones trying to sell you one will tell you). It takes just 5 minutes to install the factory HU will recognize the CD changer instantly (plug-and-pay). The HU is able to control the changer, works also from the steering wheel buttons. Really WHY in the word would you go trough all this trouble for an aftermarket changer??????????
This is the unit you need:
Notice the P# in the picture.

09-14-12, 02:25 PM
Thank you very much. I will check ebay.

09-14-12, 11:52 PM
You're lucky you can do that so easily with those years. My 1994 is a year or two too old so I have to make do with an aftermarket one. No problems with the way it works but would have preferred factory.

09-18-12, 09:07 AM
94 is actually 2 years too old for the CD changer, first time the CD changer was used was on the '96 models. Coincides with the introductions of OBDII. Some early '96 cars still don't have it.