: FYI--getting rid of some LS2 CTS-V crap!

08-25-12, 11:18 AM
Now that I've got most of the mods that I planned for this summer out of the way, I've turned my attention to the ever-growing stockpile of rejected crap from my LS2 CTS-V. Normally, I'd just recycle or throw this stuff away (which is exactly what I did with my stock clutch, catback, springs, and sway bars), but this time, I thought I'd let you guys know ahead of time in case someone wants something.

Bottom line: I'm not looking to make much off this stuff, if anything. If nobody says that they're interested in the next 3-5 days, it's going out in the trash. My car has 24,000 miles on it right now. Unless stated otherwise, that's the mileage on the parts. I haven't taken pictures of most of this stuff, but if you ask, I'll grab the camera.

LS2 Yellow Springs, retainers, seals, and Comp trunnion kit leftovers (SOLD!)
Trailing arms in great condition (suitable for the Killernoodle core exchange)
LS2 harmonic balancer (SOLD!)
LS2 7.400" pushrods
New Corvette C5/C6 end links with 4 zinc plated M12-1.75 hex nuts and 9 zinc plated M12 flat washers
Cadillac engine blanket (scratched up)
GM Nav Disc (P/n 09320NA - Map Data 8.00)
1 quart Royal Purple Max-Gear 75W-90
1 quart Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF
LS2 cam with 24,000 miles
Bose rear speakers and subwoofer
F1 Racing Chromoly Flywheel (20.4 lbs, 12,000 miles, no launches) (SOLD!)
LS2 airbox and intake tube, assorted fitting(s)
Stock brake lines
3 black/ebony mats (passenger side front and both rears)
Spare tire tub


08-25-12, 04:35 PM
Pm me a price on the end links shipped to 35806

08-25-12, 04:55 PM
Price for the NAV disc to 27529?

08-25-12, 04:58 PM
Pm me a price on the end links shipped to 35806

Do you just want the end links, or the hardware as well? How does $50 shipped sound?

Price for the NAV disc to 27529?

How does $10 sound?

08-25-12, 08:47 PM
Springs, balancer, and flywheel sold.

08-26-12, 07:41 AM
Is there a groove on the shaft of the balancer? If there is, it will only get worse and leak oil badly at higher rpms. Just saying before someone is pissed about getting one that leaks. Ive had two stock ones go bad this way.


04-26-13, 07:37 AM
Will that nav disc work on a 04? If so price on shipped to 21085