: 2005 STS Shift from park

08-24-12, 12:19 PM
2005 Cadillac STS

Been having an issue with depressing the button on the shifter to get out of park. It started happening a few weeks ago and doesent happen every time I shift out of park. Sometimes it will go a full day without happening and sometimes it will happen every time i try to shift out of park for a full day. Even when it is stuck, i am able to play with button a little bit and slight movement of the shifter from side to side while pressing the break over and over and eventually the button releases. Normally it takes no longer then 15 secs to get it unstuck.

I took it to a local mech and he said i needed a whole new shifter which would be a $600 part, but i have seen online that it can also be smaller things such as a neutral safty switch. My question is, How can and what else can I check first before having to fork over for a whole new Shifter?

Is there a work around?

08-27-12, 05:21 PM

08-27-12, 08:51 PM
Do you have a shop manual? Be cautious, like so many systems on this car, it may not be a simple switch. The interlock may be actuated over the body LAN. With no manual, you could disconnect the wiring connector & use a VOM to determine if it's a switch or a sensor on the LAN. If it's a switch, override it at the brake pedal. Does the interlock then work 100%?

The safe long-term solution is the one you've already found. You might do it cheaper with recycled parts or just defeat the interlock. It's harder to be a good mechanic than it used to be; these cars aren't designed for DIY'ers. I doubt the rubber bushing replacement described in a thread about 8 months ago will fix your issue. I think it's the solenoid which is not available as a separate part from GM.

My wife was too cheap to replace the shifter assembly in her 1998 STS. She told our local shop defeat the interlock and drove it that way for years. Back then, it was a simple switch-setup but Cadillac only sold the whole assembly. Sound familiar?.

I'd just pay the Cadillac tax and have it fixed it right. (She didn't agree, but it was her car.) Suit yourself!