: Turtle Wax "Black Box"

08-23-12, 11:54 PM
I recently purchased a 2005 Escalade ESV...Raven Black in color. I have owned a few black cars and trucks in the past so I am aware of how much work is involved in keeping them looking good. something as large as a ESV is especially challenging due to the fact that there is nearly an "acre" of black surface to maintain.

This particular vehicle had been very well maintained mechanically as well as the interior. as for the exterior...not so much... plenty of scratches, swirl marks from "wannabe" detailers on car lots, etc. It was dull and had pits and scratches every where...I would give it a 6 out of 10. I used to show a '68 Z/28 Camaro that I did a rotisserie restoration on. It had 12 coats of black Ditzler Deltron and 6 Clear coats. All color coats were wet sanded with 2000 wet between coats. I have first hand knowledge of what it takes to get a black vehicle looking good.

Having said all that I decided last weekend to tear into the Escalade. I thought about the normal route of compound, clay bar, swirl remover and carnuba sealer wax. I like Wolfgang and Zaino for dark vehicles. I started reading a bit about Turtle wax "Black Box" which is a black car specific 3: part system. I picked the kit up at Walmart for $16.95 and thought that for less than $20...if it doesn't work all I would loose was an afternoon. This system has a black tinted cleaner, black tinted carnuba wax sealer as well as black tinted spray detailer. The process is basically, wash and dry, apply cleaner, remove cleaner with micro fiber towels and the spray detailer, repeat with the carnuba wax and finish off with a final application of the tinted spray detailer to get rid of any streaks or smears. I knew I was on to something when I completed step one on the hood...it was flawless with a just sprayed wet lacquer finish. Finalizing with the tinted carnuba really made it pop. You end up with that mirror wet look that we all try to get and maintain. I got excited and spent the next 5 hours doing the rest of the SUV...one section at a time. My final visual test was to take a florescent light and in the garage walk around the Escalade looking at the finish with the light on it from different angles...it had no swirls, scratches or burn marks...no streaks. The real test is time to see how well it holds up in the South Florida sun and rain. I have driven through several rain storms and washed it with Turtle Wax "ICE" car wash 4 times in a week. Each time I dry it down with my high volume gasoline yard blower and apply the tinted detailer with a micro fiber towel for a finishing touch. So far it's as good as it was when I first did it.!!

In summary...for less than $20...you will not beat it...hell you won't beat it with $100 worth of Zaino or Wolfgang. I will say that it's a mess to use and it will stain your hands...it does wash off hands with scrubbing however.

When I get time I will get some good reflection pics with my Nikon DSLR and post for all to see. I highly recommend this stuff for a compromised black finish...give it a try...you will be pleased with the result.

08-24-12, 12:54 AM

Thanks for posting!
I've been wondering about it, and was thinking about grabbing the Black Box just the other day - sounds like a winner :)

09-12-12, 11:37 PM
As promised...here are a couple of Black Box result pics.


I took these with my camera phone...I'll try to get some better shots later.

10-03-12, 07:58 AM
I have been using it for six months. It holds up for about four months,not bad when you live in Minnesota and wash car one to two times a wk.